It is a matter of pride for every woman on earth when the number of jewelry designs she has is stackable. Regardless of the type of jewelry, if you want to ensure that it looks bright and shiny as long as it stays with you then you will have to take proper care of it and store them in an appropriate space. It is important to note that if you do not take care of your ornaments properly then there is a chance that it might get damaged or misplaced.
Hence, Perrian’s jewelry care department has come up with a few tips that can prove useful to store your ornaments securely.

Store in Different Compartments

Brainstorm about how and when you need a particular form of jewelry and organize it accordingly. For instance, separate the ones that you wear on big occasions from the ones you wear regularly or use the color of gold i.e. rose, yellow or white to bifurcate it and store accordingly.

The Traditional Method

The most commonly used technique, storing your piece in a box fit for the type of jewelry you have e.g. ring, earring, necklace etc. We recommend you to buy a box that is durable. The box should be big in size and should have separate compartments that can fit all your jewelry and yet keep it separate from each other so that it does not tangle with each other.

Pouch them up

A very simple yet unique way of storing your pieces is putting them in transparent pouches. There is a wide range of jewelry organizers available in the market that have separate pockets in them. An ideal way to store your hand jewelry like a bracelet or a ring and an earring pair.

Separate your Daily Wear’s

If you do not want to waste your precious pre-office morning time looking for your office wear adornments, then take something worth storing your jewelry in and put it in the dressing table of your bed room. This way you will have easy access to everything you need in the morning.
By adopting these simple yet creative techniques of storing jewelry you will no longer find yourself untangling your pendant from your necklace or looking for a lost earring piece. We hope you were satisfied with our suggestions. If you have any more doubts regarding jewelry or diamond’s feel free to contact our customer care department at [email protected]

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