Gold has been a precious metal of choice to make body jewelry, artifacts and to exhibit the luxury fashion for many centuries. Every Woman chooses jewelry according to her personality and style. Yellow Gold jewelry looks traditional, and young girls and women mostly want white gold and rose gold variants of gold. Taking care and maintaining your gold & diamond jewelry is necessary because it’s precious and delicate.

The following techniques and tips can help you to preserve your gold jewelry for a longer time and look as good as new.


Daily wear gold jewelry tips:-

Keep your jewelry away from chemical

Cover or remove your jewelry while cleaning

Put your jewelry at last when getting ready

Do not wear jewelry when you for bath

Keep away from heat and high temperature

 Cleaning gold jewelry tips:- 

Home cleaning: – clean your jewelry at home only when it is needed. Do not over-clean it. When it seems dirty or gathering a patina, then clean with home-based remedies.

Few techniques to clean your gold jewelry:-

1) Wash your gold jewelry with soap and water

Take soap and warm water in a bowl. Get your gold jewelry saturated for 15 mints. Remove gold jewelry. Scrub your gold jewelry with a soft and clean toothbrush. Take gold jewelry out and Dry it with a clean cloth then with   jewelry polishing cloth. Repeat this process as when it is necessary. This process is suitable for diamond-studded jewelry. Avoid edges while you dry and clean jewelry because you may lose a diamond.

2) Wash with white vinegar, salt, and water

Take a glass container. Add vinegar and pinch of salt and let it soak for 10 minutes. Take off gold jewelry and get it clean under plain water. Dry the gold jewelry with a soft and fresh cloth. Avoid hard hands on the sides of gold   jewelry while cleaning it to avoid scratches on the surface.

3) Wash with baking soda and water a bowl with warm water, add baking soda in it. Soak it for ten minutes. Take out gold jewelry clean and dry with cloth.

Professional Cleaning Schedule:-

Techniques are great methods to take care of your gold jewelry on a daily base but doing it alone is not sufficient. You should clean your gold jewelry professionally every year and check for loose prongs and damage.

Storing gold jewelry tips:-

Using a box of jewelry: –

It should be clean, dry, and made up of fabricated material that will be the best option for you. A box will prevent your jewelry from dust and damage.

Wrap your gold jewelry in a soft and clean cloth:- 

You do not have a jewelry box then use the microfabricated material to warp each piece of jewelry individually. Keep it in a safe place, which is discrete or is under surveillance.

Separately and individually store your jewelry: –

Separating is essential because it prevents jumbling and scrabbling of jewelry with each other.


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