Types of Pearl Shades

Pearl shading displays various colors. To determine quality and value, consider overtones and body color: deep, evenly distributed overtones or cool overtones.

Types of Pearl Shapes

Furthermore, the baroque shaped pearls are completely without any symmetry and have irregular shape.


Nacre is produced by mollusks to protect themselves, create pearls, and line the inside surface of a shell. It’s made of calcium carbonate and conchiolin, with higher quality when thicker.

Pearl Radiance

Pearl radiance is its light-reflecting capacity. High-quality pearls sparkle and reflect light sharply. Cloudier or duller pearls have lower radiance and quality.


Measure diameter in millimeters to determine the size of a pearl. Perfectly round pearls have the shortest diameter measured. A pearl’s value is not only based on its size. Flawless surfaces increase the value of high-quality pearls, while defects reduce their value.


A pearl’s diameter is measured in millimeters in order to determine its size. If the pearl is not a perfect sphere, it is measured by the shortest diameter. The estimate value of pearl can never be determined from its size.