These 6 Bow Jewellery Pieces

Will Add Romance to Your Bridal Look

Elevate your bridal look with charming bow-themed jewellery.

A delicate bow necklace adds subtle, sophisticated charm to your bridal look, perfect for brides who love a touch of whimsy.

Delicate Bow Necklace

Bow Knot Drop Earrings

Elegant bow earrings frame your face with grace, adding a hint of sparkle and romance as you walk down the aisle

Delicate Bow Bracelets

Bow Diamond Bracelet in Gold 

Fancy Bow Bracelet 

Choose a crystal or pearl bow hairpin to accent a bun, chignon, or side-swept style. It adds glamour and keeps your hair in place throughout the ceremony

Sophisticated Bow Hairpin

Romantic Bow Ring

Complete your bridal look with a romantic bow ring, symbolizing love and unity in a charming way.