Tips And Ways Of Packing Your Jewellery While Travelling

Use a plastic box to store your bracelets. Put the bracelets on a roll of paper or fabric. Place the box at the bottom of your suitcase

Plastic Box

Bracelets Packing

Take a few spare shirt buttons and insert the earring through the buttonhole. Use one pair of earrings for one button.


Earrings Packing

Take cardboard and punch holes in it. Now, insert earrings into the holes and slide the cardboard into a quart plastic bag to keep them from wandering off.


Earrings Packing

This idea is perfect when you only have to take two to three rings.

Small Ring Box Organiser

Rings Packing

One of the best things you can do is buy a small fabric bag. These bags are very durable and safe. You can make your own or buy it online.

Fabric Bag

Rings Packing

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