Origin of Dhanteras

The legend has it that the horoscope of the son of King Hima predicted that he would die on the fourth day of his marriage through a snake bite. Hence, his wife fixated on saving her husband decided to lay out all the gold that they had in their sleeping room. Quite miraculously when the god of death came as a serpent he was awestruck by the brilliance and lighting of the precious metals, diyas and decided to go away silently. This way the prince was saved from dying and the thirteenth lunar day of the month of Karthik is recognisedas Dhanteras to celebrate health and wealth.

A Common Practice on This Day

Diwali in India is a five-day festival which starts with Dhanteras. People on this day worship Dhanvatri, the deity of health and prosperity. ‘Dhan’ means wealth and buying precious metal on ‘dhanteras’ brings good luck and in turn more wealth from then on.

On this day people decorate their house and offices’ with ‘diya’ and Rangoli (a drawing on the floor with vivid colours).

Why Buy Jewellery Instead of Gold This Dhanteras?

18k Yellow Gold The Patina Men Ring

18k Yellow Gold The Patina Men Ring

We are all aware of the common notion of buying precious metal as to suit the common perception that buying metals like gold, silver, platinum will bring good luck and in turn grow wealth and prosperity. However, buying precious metal in the form of coins/biscuits is not going to be particularly useful, rather it will just sit on one of the lockers of the house or the bank. Hence, we believe this Diwali we should all think out of the box and invest are money in a smarter and more useful way. The idea is to buy diamond gold jewellery instead of gold this year.

You might now feel how will this serve the purpose of buying gold on dhanteras? Well, buying jewellery online from Perrian.in is the answer. Jewellery available on our website is made out of gold and diamonds. That means not only you will buy gold and fulfill the tradition of purchasing precious metal on Dhanteras, you will also be able to put it to use by flaunting some of the latest and trending designer wear jewellery.

18k Yellow Gold The Planante Pendant


18k Yellow Gold The Planante Pendant

Isn’t it the perfect and most stylish way to stick to the traditions while appearing gorgeous or handsome?

What form of Diamond Gold Ornaments Do You Sell?

Perrian offers you a wide range of ornaments’ collection online which are all studded with diamonds or precious stones and made in gold. From jewellery for men to designer pieces for women and adornments for kids we have it all.

The Perrian Advantage

The beauty of buying online is that you get to choose from a number of catalogues and all of the designs are certified. Along with that we offer easy returns, lifetime exchange guarantee and a lot more. Our user friendly website will also allow you to customise the design that you have selected which means you can now purchase one piece of jewellery in 36 different ways!

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