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Designer Diamond Gold Earrings

The most primary form of jewelry found across the history of the industry is diamond earrings. It is the type of ornament which is worn to adorn the ears. They were very popular among Asian men around 7000 years ago. Back then Egyptians and the Assyrians wore them to show sovereignty and class. The basic reason for wearing a diamond earring pair is to complement one’s ear since it is worn near the face.

Because they have different shapes and types, the selection of the perfect earring for a particular face type is imperative. Here are a few suggestions of what earrings one should buy according to their face types

Buy these gold earrings for Round shape

Drop earrings which are oval-shaped or square shaped makes a woman with round face look very pretty.

Purchase them if you have an Oval shape

Women that have got an oval-shaped face can wear any type of earrings they fancy for themselves, however, drops and studs would suit them the best.

Drop Earrings for square shape

Large sized drop earrings are best suited for women that have a square-shaped face.

Shop these for Diamond shape

Studs and hoops made out of precious stone is the best choice for women who have a diamond shaped face

Rectangular shape? Try these!

Diamond hoops and drops are best suited for women who have a rectangular shaped face.

Simple, State of the art and classic-No matter what you want to choose, has got it all.

Our team members from the USA and our craftsperson from the West of Bengal, India always make sure that the most trending and exclusive designs are created by them. Perrian jewels gives you the choice of selecting the color and purity of the gold that you prefer in your jewelry; the varieties of gold color includes rose gold, yellow gold and white gold and the purity includes 10k, 14k, 18k.

Our variety is not just limited to gold, also offers you different options in the color and clarity of diamond that you want for your ring. Our options include 4 variations IJ-SI, GH-SI, GH-VS, VVS-EF.

Top picks for 2018:

We recommend you to match your earrings with any of these pendant designs and one of these bracelets. It will make your look bold and stunning.