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Jewelry for Baby

An awful lot of varieties that will make you wonder, wow! This is what comes to mind when you talk about jewelry for babies at Perrian. You can select from a large variety of jewelry like pendants, bracelets, earrings etc. from our catalogue available in our website.

Buy Pendants for Babies Online

Be it a well done son/daughter gift for getting good remarks from school teacher or a birthday gift for your 5 year old child, Perrian has a wide range of pendants collection which is specifically designed for kids. We have diamond pendants design like the teddy bear, the mickey mouse which is a perfect gift for any child. If your child loves the butterfly or the cat then we have a pendant for him/her as well.

Bracelets for Kids

Even though the wrists of a baby are very small we have the perfect diamond gold bracelets for your child which will make him or her appear cuter than he or she is right now.

Buying jewelry for kids online is made easier than ever before by and having the comfort of sitting at your home while choosing jewelry designs is even more perfect.

Some Picks for adults

We would like to recommend you to go through our jewelry for men section which has been recently updated with latest and trending designs. You should also try our hoop earrings collection which will make you spoilt for choice with a variety of earrings available in that section.

Online Customization

We offer our customers online customization of the jewelry they select. That means you can now select the color of gold that you deem fit for your design. You can select from the three gold colors i.e. White gold, Yellow gold and Rose gold. Along with that you can also select the purity of gold and color-clarity of the diamond that will be studded in the ornament you have chosen.