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Flaunt Diamond Bangles Designs

The word bangle is derived from a word ‘Bungri’ of the Hindi language which translates to glass in English. Bangles were first discovered during the Mohenjo-Daro era and can be considered as one of the oldest forms of jewellery in history. In the early years, after its discovery craftsmen used to make bangles by using materials like copper, glass, fired clay etc. However, now a day’s people prefer to wear bangle made of gold which is studded with diamonds.

Same Designs Different Names

Bangles are popular in the countries that are a part of South Asia like India, Pakistan etc. It is interesting to note that bangles have different names in different regions, for instance it is called as Chudi in Marathi speaking cities like Mumbai, Pune etc. In the norther region of our country cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Amritsar etc. where Hindi or Punjabi is spoken it is known as Kada or Kangan. South Indian Cities like, Chennai (Madras), Bangalore (Bengaluru), Kerala, Hyderabad it is known as Valaval, Gajina Bale and Vala respectively.

Round Shaped Diamond Bangles

An important part of a women’s day to day attire round bangles with diamonds studded in it are a great fit for you if you are willing to add to your jewellery collection for the wedding has a wide range of bangles made of gold and studded with diamonds. We also have some bangles that have gemstones like ruby studded in it.

Designer and Customisable Jewellery

At Perrian you can get all the designs of jewellery that are latest and trending. We have rings, mangalsutras, Pendants and some unique catalogue of designs like starlet and mystic jewellery. All the designs are customisable and are available in three different gold colours. You can now buy a single product online in 36 different ways.