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Latest and Trending Cocktail Designs

The antiquity of the jewelry industry is the testament to the fact that big things can indeed look beautiful defying the common connotation that small things look more beautiful. Big pieces of diamond rings have made their own place in the industry and are admired by many regalia lovers. Cocktail jewelry which is also branded as cluster or dinner ring have set new trends. Having been in fashion a few years ago, cocktail rings are coming back in vogue again.

What is a Cocktail Ring? Its Origin!

Its origin can be accredited to the early 1920’ when the government of the United States embargoed the consumption of alcohol which resulted into the hosting of illegitimate cocktail parties and the women attending these parties started wearing big oversized rings while attending one.

It originally got its name and started trending when high society women started wearing this type of rings over cocktail parties. It is a large size ring with a large precious stone in the middle surrounded by tiny diamonds. However, the new and innovative rings are sometimes deprived of the center stone because more emphasis is given on making the design look new and charismatic.

Customzable Diamond Jewelry

At Perrian, we give our customers the choice of selecting the color of gold that they think will suit the best with the design. The options are available in three gold colors i.e. rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. We also allow you to select the purity of gold- 10k, 14k, 18k. You can also choose the color and clarity of diamond that will be studded in your design. The following choices are available- IJ-SI, GH-SI, GH-VS, VVS-EF

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