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One of the most eloquent symbols of love, commitment and allegiance in a relationship is the wedding bands and all these characteristics become even more significant and underlined when the couple has taken the wedding oath exchanging the wedding bands for couples. One of the special features of the wedding bands for couples is the similarity in design which is customized to suit the requirements of men and women. Though wedding bands are usually very typical in design, it is the diamonds on the wedding bands that take center stage and is highlighted in different ways, with an array of shapes to produce uniquely designed wedding bands for couples. The freedom to choose the metal, the stone, the shape and the design of the precious stone of the wedding bands for couples remain with the customer.

We at Perrian have created a large variety of designs and though it may seem a daunting task choosing one from the widespread selections laid out for the customer, our technical team of experts, consultants and customer care offer all kinds of help and guidance to make the shopping experience as enjoyable as the event it is meant for.

Buying from Perrian is always a benefit for the customer with many factors that encourage and favor the customer. Some of them include:

  1. The various p[payment options
  2. The 30 days free return policy
  3. our lifetime exchange policy
  4. Insurance cover on all products dispatched valid up to the receipt of the product by the customer
  5. Free shipping for all products when bought from New Zealand and Australia.

Therefore, with the facility of buying online at Perrian which not only has a very user-friendly website, but also one that is transparent and extremely informative, the guarantee that there are no hidden costs seem very evident.