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Men’s Rings Designs: Robust Yet Tender

Finding the origin of rings is rather difficult because there are several notions as to where it all began and arguably every thesis seems apt. But it is vastly believed that the it all began in one of the middle eastern regions.

Now since it is not a common idea to mention men with jewelry Perrian has come up with an idea to stifle this cliché. We have come up with some of the most amazing and quality jewelry for men which will make them want to wear it just as much as women usually do. Diamond rings for men is one of the prime examples of it.

The rings’ design for men in our website our quite simple in appearance and have a lesser width. All the diamond rings have been intricately crafted to make them look simple and suitable to a man of any age. The best part of the craftmanship is that the designs are crafted to fit for different occasions like parties, offices, ceremonies like engagement, wedding etc.

Perrian’s Newly Added Feature

Our newly added user friendly feature allows you to shop your jewelry and choose the ingredients in it like diamonds and gold by yourself and of your choice. This feature lets you choose the color of gold and its purity. Along with that it also allows you to choose from a variety of color-clarity modifications with respect to diamonds.

This feature is known as customization feature with the help you can select from three different gold colors viz. yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. The purity of gold can be selected in the following manner: 10k, 14k or 18k.

When it comes to diamonds there are four different options that you can choose from. They are: IJ – SI, GH – SI, GH – VS, VVS – EF.

Classic Diamond Jewelry Collection

Our promise to our customers all over the globe is not just limited to serving them with designs that are in vogue. We also serve the customers with some of the most classic looking collections. This type of catalogue can be seen in the studs earrings sections. In case you are looking for gifting something special to your friend, girlfriend, wife or sister we recommend you to go through our gifts for her section where you will find everything that is perfectly giftable.