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Jewelry: Modern wear, Daily Wear, Classic Wear

Jewels have been a part of the society in which we live for more that one tenth of a million years now. Earlier jewelry was used in different things that were easily available during those days. For instance jewelry was made available with things like skin of animal and their bones, plants etc.

After a few years’ jewelry was not limited to diamonds, it was then made with different precious metals like gold, platinum, palladium etc. and sometimes studded in it was colored stones like gemstones and pearls.

We understand the history that fine jewelry has and that’s why we have a wide range of designs that are traditional, contemporary and conventional as well.

Interactive Website & Modifiable Jewelry

We at are constantly looking to improve our website in a way which enables better shopping experience for our users across the globe. This is why our experts have come up with a new and state of the art feature which allows you to modify the design that you have selected. This modification can be done in two different regions. One is with respect to gold and the other is with respect to diamond.

Now, gold can be customized in terms of its color- yellow gold, rose gold and white gold while the diamond can be customized in terms of its clarity-color i.e. IJ – SI, GH – SI, GH – VS, VVS – EF. Apart from this you can also select from three different purity options for gold- 10k, 14k and 18k.

Perrian’sOne of Its Kind Ornaments

From the latest and in vogue collections to vintage fine jewelry pieces we have it all. Our expert designers have created a catalogue of collections and designs that cater the requirements of all types of customers. We recommend you to try our collections section which have some unique designs and along with that you should try some of the hoop earrings that have been recently updated on the website.