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Diamond Solitaire Rings

What is it? Who can Wear it?

It was in the Victorian era when solitaire rings gained popularity. It has remained in vogue ever since and are in fact one of the most exotic looking pieces of adornments.

Unlike the general perception, a solitaire and the size of the diamond have no relation at all. A fine jewellery piece is available with different sizes of diamond solitaire studded in it. To explain it in the easiest way possible- a piece of regalia with one single diamond although just for the design to look good it can sometimes be studded with other precious stones surrounding one single stone). The perfect example of a design of this category is ‘The Stable Engagement Ring’. These types of rings are most probably worn on special occasions like engagement’s, wedding’s or anniversaries.

This piece of jewellery is not just meant for women to wear, even men can wear it. According to our data analysis men prefer solitaire rings over most other pieces of jewellery because of the richness it brings to ones’ look. Albeit ring is the most popular ornament piece when it comes to solitaire jewellery, it is also available in other categories like diamond pendants and earrings.

Online jewellery Customisation

At you can customise the designs that you have chosen in a number of ways. You can select from one of the three gold colours i.e. white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. The selection of the purity of gold is also allowed- 10k, 14k, 18k. Apart from the gold variations we also provide variations in diamonds that will be studded in your design, this variation is available pertaining to the colour and clarity of diamond in four different ways- IJ-SI, GH-SI, GH-VS, VVS-EF.

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