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Diamond Mangalsutra for Special Occasion

The word mangalsutra is an amalgamation of two words of Sanskrit language Mangala and Sutra which literally translates to holy & thread. Because of its cultural importance, mangalsutra means much more than a piece of jewellery to women in India, it is a sacred piece of neck adornment.

Traditionally Modern Designer Mangalsutra

From a traditional point of view, mangalsutra’s are nothing but a thread made of black and gold beads attached to an amulet. However, as time passed this form of ornament became much more than that. It is now made with an essence of western style of design. The Anant mangalsutra is the classic example of it.

For women who always keep managalsutra as part of their attire, Perrian has come up with a range of mangalsutra designs that are suitable for special occasions. This will help a married lady to add to her regalia something new along with the tradition of having to wear the same form of jewellery.

One of its Kind Designs

The Anandamayi and the VaidehiMangalsutra are one of the best pieces in this catalogue. The former is a combination of diamonds, pearls and gold while the latter is a combination of diamonds and gold.If you are looking to buy jewellery for special occasion, then Perrian.in is the correct place for you to buy ornaments online.

Customisable Diamond Jewellery

Our new customisation feature makes online shopping experience greater and much more flexible. Whether it is a diamond bracelet or an alphabet pendant everything is customisable from gold to diamond studded in it.

You can now select from three different colours of gold i.e. yellow, rose and white. Along with that you can also choose the purity of gold- 10k, 14k, 18k. Beyond that there are four different diamond colour-clarity options you can choose from- IJ-SI, GH-SI, GH-VS, VVS-EF.