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Symbol of Love Pendants

It is believed that love does not need a means of verbal communication rather it speaks the language of symbols and signs and the commonly used symbol for depicting love is heart. People from around the world consider this shape as the symbol of love, however it does not necessarily mean romantic it can also be platonic.

Therefore, to celebrate love we have come up with an exclusive range of heart shaped pendants which are studded in diamonds. You can also check out the purple bee pendant or the treasure pendant which is embedded with black colored precious stones and the latter with ruby gemstones.’s Customization feature

We at Perrian have brought in a feature which allows you to customize your jewelry design in 36 different ways. The customization can be done in two different ways. One of them being for gold and the other one for diamond. Gold is customizable with respect to its color and purity, the options for color variations are- White gold, yellow gold and rose gold and the options for purity are- 10k, 14k, 18k.

Now there are four different variation options available for customizing the diamond or diamonds that will be studded in your jewelry. These options are with respect to the clarity and color of the diamond, they are- IJ – SI, GH – SI, GH – VS, VVS – EF.

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