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Pendants Designs’:Symbol of Love

Where there is love we do not need to communicate verbally to express it, the correct way to show love is by non-verbal communication like symbols and signs. As you are all aware, the most common way of expressing love through symbols is heart. It does not matter which part of the world you belong to let alone India, the heart shape is the most apt representation of love. It is important to note that, this symbol does not necessarily have to be used as a means of expression for love affairs that hold venereal form as well. This symbol can also be used to show love towards your sister, your parents, brother or in fact anyone you love for that matter.

Hence to help you express love to your loved ones Perrian has come up with a catalogue of pendants’ designs that have lockets or amulets with a heart shape. All the pendants are studded in diamonds or coloured stones or both in some designs.

Top Notch Designs

Even though all the designs are simply stunning, here are a few examples which is the testament of the hard work and efforts of our Bengali craftsmen and designers of the USA. The Viola Attraction Pendant which has inverted heart shaped diamonds attached to a heart shaped gold which is available in three different colours i.e. rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.

Perrian: It’s all about Customisation and Trends

We believe in providing a great shopping experience for our customers who like buying jewellery online. You can now customise your favourite piece of rings made for men, cocktail jewellery or any design in our website in 36 different ways. Plus the benefit apart from affordability is that you can exchange your jewellery at any point in life, then there is certification, easy returns and a lot more.