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An organization with over 30 years of extensive experience crossing boundary to achieve new milestones every day. A unique family business where each member is established expert in diamonds, gem stones and jewelleries. An organization with an established name “Perrian” is one of the few companies where founder fundamentals are emphasised on deliverance.
Perrian is well known for it’s beautifully cut diamonds, designs and exceptionally well deliverance for over 30 years. With proven manufacturing methods and jewellery designs, Perrian is delighted to provide timeless and fashionable diamond jewelleries.
New generations of the owners are taking charge of the business with new energy, expertise and technology to provide you the best. Surely with the founder principles expertise, integrity and constancy, next generation has started a new story of success.


Prompt service
Think of the customer first, making prompt service to the customer is a priority
Take personal responsibility for providing service that is convenient, prompt, and efficient.

Excellent service
Build long-term customer relationships by exceeding customer satisfaction. Our goal is not to just satisfy customer but to amaze them.Tailor service to meet individual needs, paying particular attention to people from diverse cultures and those with special needs.A thoughtful proactive service with exceptional collaboration to meet customer’s need. Solving problems with implementation of effective solutions.

Best Price

Price for it's value. Our goal is to provide best quality and finest product at a very best price. We are expert manufacturer who takes care of full manufacturing process from raw diamonds to exceptional good quality jewelleries. Our raw diamonds are carefully purchased and polished in our own factories. Our experienced staff designs and crafts sensational jewelleries into our own workshops. It gives us full confidence for delivering quality for a reasonable price. Our qualified consultants are always delighted to suggest you the perfect jewels piece you have envisaged for.

Our Policy
100% satisfaction 30 days free return and lifetime exchange policy, we always thrive to deliver excellent customer service which ultimately results in a marvellous experience of your jewellery shopping experience.