• Types of Gemstones we offer:

Colored gemstones are often compared to flowers. Like flowers, gemstones come in every conceivable hue, tone, and saturation. In both the case scientific terms are used to describe their color properties. Gemstones come in many varieties and their beauty is everlasting. They may look like ordinary pebbles and rock but after a skilled polishing and cutting of gem, the real beauty can be perceived.

Where diamonds are just found in few countries gemstones are available in jewelry shop around the world. In many countries and culture, gemstones have a rich history. Each piece is unique, created by the mysteries of nature and fashioned by human intelligence.

Most people are familiar with the gemological characteristics of a diamond and feel more comfortable buying a diamond or diamond jewelry.  Therefore, buying colored gems are often very different and difficult experience for most people buying diamonds.

There are a variety of gemstones found in nature but the most commonly used in today’s world are listed below:


Its name comes from the Latin "aqua" (water) and 'Mare (the sea). It is very durable and appropriate stone for all type of jewelry. It is found in Afghanistan, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Russia, Zimbabwe and many other countries. It’s sometimes completely flawless. In fact, an Aquamarine gem with a visible flaw is hardly seen. Aquamarine is found in many blue shades. The most costly Aquamarines are those who have characteristics to reflect deeper, pure blue light with no green tints.


Emerald is one of the most fascinating and beautiful stones. The name of this wonderful gem comes from the Greek "smaragdos", "medium green stone." Fine emeralds come from Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Russia and other countries. Deep green is the most desired color in emeralds, its beautiful green color, combined with durability and rarity, making it one of the most precious stone. The green color of this stone has a special place in many cultures and religions. Flawless emeralds are very rare and are known for their excellent quality. Some people prefer an emerald with very minute defects on a perfect emerald, because it proves the authenticity of the stone.


Ruby is the second hardest natural mineral known to mankind. Besides color, it is highly desirable gem due to its hardness, durability, luster, and rarity. Transparent, perfect ruby surpass all other gems in value, with the exception of dark "fancy diamonds". The most important factor to consider when buying a ruby is its color. It comes in a variety of shades ranging from purplish- and bluish-red to orange-red. Like sapphire, there is also a translucent variety of ruby that can display a six-point star when cut into a smooth domed cabochon cut.

Blue Sapphire

Fine sapphires are found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, and Cambodia. Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, China, Vietnam, Madagascar and the United States also produce some sapphire. The ancient Persians believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire that gave its blue reflection to the sky, hence the Latin name "sapphiru", which means blue.  Sapphire fancies come in orange, green, purple, yellow and pink. The most expensive and famous sapphires possess vivid blue color. It is the most precious among all the blue gems. It is also famous for its durability, hardness, color, and luster. High-quality sapphires are very rare in gem mines across the world. Only a skilled and an experienced cutter can cut these gemstones so that its beauty gets more enhanced and enchanting.


Amethyst is a gemstone that is in the quartz family and is most precious among them. It is available in different colors, including purple, magenta, pink, purple and violet. Dark purple color with violet tones fetches the highest value. Amethyst is relatively strong. In Mohs scale it is rated 7, as a result, it is a good gemstone for jewelry. Please note that amethyst can be broken if burst with force. Amethyst are mostly found anywhere but large deposits are found in southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Madagascar. Light violet Amethyst are usually located in southern Brazil and Uruguay Amethyst are the most lustrous.


Peridot pronounced Pear-ih doe is a beautiful gemstone that is very rare to find. Peridot can be found in different colors such as brown, yellow, beige and brown-green in the most popular and attractive today are gemstones in olive green. Peridot contains magnesium and iron with silica and oxygen mixed in it. Although peridot is very popular for its olive-green appearance, which is also sometimes referred "EveningStone”. Although peridot has a decent 6.5 and hardness 7 on the Mohs scale, is generally not considered as the best stone for a ring. The reason is that it is extremely sensitive to chemical weathering and color can be changed quickly or discolor. Usually, Peridot is not found many regions but can be found in few place like St. Johns Island in the red sea, Myanmar and in Arizona.

Blue Topaz

Topaz has been associated with the will, and the title is believed to have been derived from the Sanskrit ‘Tapas’ meaning heat, fire and passion. It is also derived from ‘Topozos’ a Greek word meaning ‘to search’. Topaz also used the Bible as one of the jewels of the “Breastplate of judgment “worn by Aaron. Topaz is said to enhance the owner with intelligence, creativity, and wisdom, and may increase their intellectual potential. It is also known to help with meditation and the divine manifestation of the desired objects. Due to irridation color enhancement process Topaz is commonly available in blue color which once was very rare to find but natural topaz are but still very rare to find. Colorless Topaz are converted to Blue Topaz with irridation color enhancement process. Colorless topaz are mainly found in Brazil, China, Nigeria and Sri Lanka (Ceylon).


  • Types of diamonds we offer:

Apart from white diamond we also offer a few selected fancy color diamonds so that when you select a piece of jewelry for customization you can get vivid options to make your jewelry more enchanting and beautiful. Fancy colored diamonds are the diamonds which are naturally colored. They are found in a wide range like Blue, Yellow, and Brown etc. Fancy colored diamonds are the rarest diamonds that nature has to offer. It is estimated that a diamond has only 1 in 10,000 chance of possessing any natural color.

White color diamonds

Diamonds which are colorless are called white diamonds, upon which all other shades are judged. Color grades apply to white diamonds. A clear diamond will reflect light in much the same way as a prism, dividing the light ray up into various areas of the color spectrum. This effect is what is referred to as "fire." The presence of color in a diamond will decrease the intensity of the stone's "dispersion" or "fire." Similarly diamonds with little to no color will display the most intense "fire."

Brown color diamonds

Brown color diamonds are also called as champagne diamonds. The molecular structure of diamonds tends to give the diamond brown color. They are the most widely available and affordable among colored diamonds. People use to buy brown color diamonds as an alternative of pink, blue, green and yellow diamonds. They are also known as chocolate, cognac, bronze color diamonds.

Black color diamonds

Untreated and genuine black diamonds are becoming popular as well. Black diamonds are not transparent and doesn’t show fire as well unlike other diamonds but can be extremely rare where they are in the dark to vivid color ranges. Most black diamonds are treated to create more vibrant color however this process lowers the value of the stone.


NOTE: All our Gemstones & Diamonds are certified by the most trusted Certification lab across the world. So you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the stone.