You can measure your ring size by following the below mentioned method. You will need a sewing thread, scissor & ruler having mm scale to measure.
  1. Take a sewing thread and gently wrap around your finger until it touches the other end. Then cut the thread at the point where the end of the thread meets other.  
Diamond Ring
  1. Now measure the length of the thread on the ruler in mm.
Letest Ring

Now as you have measured the length of the thread, Kindly refer to the below table to find your ring size.

Length of thread (mm) Diameter (mm) Australian Size
54.5 17.35 O
44.13 14.05 F
45.39 14.45 G
46.68 14.86 H
47.97 15.27 I
49.35 15.71 J
50.57 16.1 L
51.86 16.51 M
53.15 16.92 N
55.76 17.75 P
57.14 18.19 Q
59.34 18.89 R
60.97 19.41 S
62.32 19.84 T
63.46 20.2 U
64.96 20.68 V
66.22 21.08 W
67.51 21.49 X
68.76 21.89 Y
70.15 22.33 Z

If your measurement falls in between of any two sizes then choose the closest size.

Instructions to be followed while measuring your ring size :  

  • Size of your finger ring can change according the time & weather of the day. So it is recommended to measure your ring at the end of the day when your fingers are warm because fingers can be smaller in morning when the weather is cold.
  • Never use a paper to measure ring size as it can get stretched or twist resulting incorrect size.
  • Kindly measure finger size 3 to 4 times for accurate size.
  • Knowing your perfect ring size is extremely important before purchasing any ring. At Perrian we do our best to help customer to get the ring they want as per their finger size.