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About Perrian

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about us

Jewellery is not just about fashion, it's also about beauty and a sense of style. With us, you can find that sense of unique style and a product that suits your personal needs.

We understand that finding the right piece of jewellery is often difficult and frustrating. That's why we have designed our website to be as intuitive as possible to enable you to find the perfect piece of jewellery for yourself or a loved one in minutes.

Who Are We?

We are a small company that has been producing jewellery for more than 6 years. We have been awarded for our quality and innovation in the field of jewellery production.

What do we do?

We design all kinds of jewellery, from accessories to rings, necklaces and bracelets. We also offer a custom service, which allows you to give us your idea of jewellery and we will design it for you.

Perrian Service

Trusted reviews by real Diamond Store customers brought to you by TrustPilot


What Do We Serve?

Trusted reviews by real Diamond Store customers brought to you by TrustPilot

We are proud to offer a wide range of fine jewellery to our customers. With so many choices, you will be able to find something that fits your style and budget. Whether you are looking for a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelets, we can help you get what you want. We have an incredible collection of jewellery that is sure to please every customer. We specialize in engagement rings, wedding rings and other types of jewellery such as diamond earrings and pendants. 


If you want to buy a diamond ring, you should come to us. We have high-quality custom diamond jewellery at the lowest price.

Lightweight Pendant:

Perrian offers every type of pendant like Casual pendants, gemstone pendants, Pearl Pendants, Studded, Heart pendants, cross pendants, statement pendants etc...

Studded Earrings:

These stud earrings are all over the trend so here we are with an exclusive range of stud earrings.

Gold Coin & Silver Coin:

When you think of investment Coins are great. As a gift too when you don’t come up with an idea of what to gift Gold and Silver coins are best. It's affordable and easy to convert plus everyone will love it. 


Wear it alone or wear it with your favourite pendant, chains go with everything. 


Something like an Indian touch with a western style. Studded Nosepin in 22kt Gold looks beautiful on every face. 

We also offer a wide range of line styles with custom-made pieces available on request. We also provide you with free IGI certificates for your purchases so that you can ensure their authenticity.

Our Mission

Jewellery is a luxury product that has been around for centuries. It's a timeless investment and an heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation. Perrian’s goal is to offer something different: jewellery that isn't just an object, but also a story. The mission of Perrian Jewels is to create jewellery that will be timeless, has high-quality and good design. That everyone can afford and which is comfortable to wear every day.

perrian mission

Our Vision

Jewellery is a type of manufactured personal adornment. It is often made from precious metals and stones and has been used by many societies as objects of value and cultural significance. Jewellery design has always been about creating a unique piece that people love to wear. Jewellery designers create jewellery that is beautiful, easy to wear, and yet still reflects the tastes and preferences of the wearer. Our aim is to make jewellery that will never go out of style or lose its value over time.


Jewellery is considered to be an accessory of luxury and is often a gift. It not only has sentimental value for the receiver but it also has a social value in society. Thus, we make sure that every item that is shipped from us is high in quality as well as pleasing to the eye.

Design & Craftsmanship

You can see this coming from a mile away - but our design and craftsmanship of jewellery are unmatched. We design and craft all our jewellery with care, to ensure that it has both high-quality and a great look to it. We are proud of the fact that despite being priced at affordable prices, each piece is hand-made with the finest materials by passionate Surat artisans. Our passion for creating one-of-a-kind pieces with exceptional quality at an affordable price has been the driving force behind everything we do.

Our Online Jewellery Shopping

Online shopping for jewellery is quite popular as it takes just a few clicks to visit the site and find what you need.

The jewellery shopping experience is a complicated one. Between the different types of jewellery, price ranges, and designs, there are a lot of options.

We are an online platform that offers its customers a wide variety of jewellery pieces. We have just about everything from bracelets to necklaces, earrings and rings, which are all in different colours, shapes and sizes.

We are an online jewellery shop that specializes in personalizing your purchase experience by making it easy for you to find the perfect item - without having to worry about dealing with crowds or high-pressure salespeople.

Want to know more About Us?

Why not just email us at hello@perrian.com and know whatever you want to know about us. One of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours.