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Nose pin jewellery is worn by mostly women and it is a common way to wear it by girls to women all one. Golden nose pin is in high demand in India with diamond nose studs pins one of the favorites by modern working Indian women. 


If you want an ethnic traditional look Gold nose pin, nose ring, or nose screw is one of the best ones which also attracts it. At perrian, a wide range of nose pins and rings are available which include diamond, gold, silver even different designs of patterns, like Butterfly design, Flower, Animal, etc Though the nose pin is a simple piece of adornment its importance is huge in Indian society.

As part of Indian culture, nose pins are an ornament thought to represent female identity, and they have been worn by women for long periods. Among young children, nose pins are a cultural tradition that is also worn. As part of her cultural tradition, a baby girl must wear a nose pin before going to Vidyalaya. 

Types Of Modern Nose Pins Design For Women

Pins for women wear at casual times and occasions and we have different designs and patterns available in nose pins which you can wear along with other ornaments like pendants, rings, bangles, and earrings. It’s hard to find a nose pin that suits your face without trying them on first. 

After you read this, follow along with the instructions for these ten nose pins, and your perfect match is just a few clicks away.

Stud Single Diamond Nose Pin

A single diamond nose pin is the perfect shape for those who don’t like to fuss with a large nose pin. It’s small and lightweight. It looks chic and suits all types of occasions and outfits equally well! It looks classy and dainty at the same time.

Floral Stud Nose Pin

Don’t you love a simple flower on your nose? Here is a floral stud nose pin for you to try.  A streamlined flower-shaped nose pin for your adventures! Modern and sleek, it is perfect for those who like their accessories to match their outfits.

Wide Nose Ring

If you have large eyes and a small face, this is the perfect nose pin for you. It’s made of thin bands that are wide but not too wide to look funny on your face. The ring is more traditional in style and would look good with ethnic outfits, not everyday wear!

Diamond Stud

Diamond nose rings are a staple in any accessory collection. They have been for centuries! Here is one that looks perfect for your ethnic wear with a modern twist. This nose ring is small and light enough to wear without taking the weight off your face.

Flower Bent Nose Pin

This is another trendy nose pin popular today. It is a mini flower bent and studded with diamonds. With its bold colours, it’s perfect for those who like to wear clothes with bright colours and on any occasion.

Studded Golden Loop

For those who like to take fashion up a notch, this nose pin is a must and suits a sharp and pointed nose. It’s a golden loop studded with diamonds. It’s fun and fancy and looks best with traditional outfits.

Large Studded Hoops

If you have a large face, this is the nose pin for you. It’s bold and gorgeous and suits your face perfectly for a wedding festival. It’s a simple hoop studded with gold and diamonds that further enhances its beauty.

Studded Golden Bali

This is a slightly smaller nose pin, but it’s big enough to stand out. The studded rings coupled with the larger hoop make it even more eye-catching. It’s perfect for those who like circles and have a round face shape!

U-bent Nose Ring

Complaining about your small nose but love a big hoop? This one's for you. It’s a U-shaped nose ring studded with diamonds. It’s a showstopper and looks best on dresses, suits, and evening wear.

Beaded Golden Bali

Another modern piece is a light Bali nose ring studded with beautiful beads. It’s a beautiful and bold addition to your outfit. It’s for those who like a mix of metals and beads and look best in dresses, shirts, and necklaces that go well with studded rings!


Nose pins mostly wear gold metal and yellow gold is the favorite metal for women. The price of a gold nose pin starts at approx INR 3800 to INR 25000 depending on the gold karat, diamond color, and size of the pins all matter nose pin price.

What Is The Meaning Of A Nose pin?

In India, the nose ring is a traditional ornament worn by all females from a young age to old age. In addition to being a sign of beauty and elegance, it is also used as an ornament for women. Nose pins come simply from one plain gold to a designer flower diamond pin or ring as well. 

How Do Nose Pins Stay In?

The nose pin is a piece of jewellery worn on the nose. It can be held on by a clip, but it is also easier to remove by hand. The Nose Pin has been around for a long time over casual time. 

How Do I Choose A Nose Pin?

Choose the appropriate nose pin based on your face shape and nose shape. On our jewellery education page, we go over which face shapes suit nose pins the most.