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When couples are getting engaged, celebrating an anniversary, or getting married, they choose couple band rings. And for this reason, perrian.com designs unique and beautiful rings for couples. A couple of rings is one of the timeless jewellery gifts designed to be worn by both partners, the ring's unending bond makes it a truly special gift and symbol of commitment. Couple rings can be made of various metals and sizes (yellow metal, rose, and white gold) with or without a diamond.

In so many ways, the endless bond of the ring band can be understood, With its simplicity and elegance, this ring embodies all the qualities you cherish about your partner. Couple bands have been traditionally adorned with diamonds or gemstones. More recently, the trend in rings has been to use semi-precious stones such as onyx or black diamonds as well as gemstones like pearls and diamonds. The Perrian jewels couple band collections are the perfect way to show your affection towards your partner.

Couple Band Rings Online In India

Couple bands come in a variety of sizes, styles and metals, mostly comes in plain yellow gold and belong to couples who express their love by wearing them. Couple rings are a symbol of the eternal bond which is made stronger by the act of love. They are given by men and women as a special gift to their loved ones. Rings can be chosen by men or women and offered as gifts.

There is a trend to buy couple band rings for couples during wedding and engagement times based on their dressing styles. Couple bands are also best for those couples who are celebrating their first anniversary or 10th anniversary and choosing a gift for their wife. For couples who are looking similar design of ring to enjoy their special day, At perrian offer an amazing band ring collection. 

Gold Couple Ring

Gold is a popular metal for wedding rings and engagement rings, and this is one of the main reasons why couples rings come in gold as well as other metals. A couple of rings can be plain like the Soulmate Ring for Her or studded with diamonds like the Couple Ring for Him. Sparkles and shine always attract attention from people. This is why most people prefer to wear gold rings as wedding bands and women usually prefer to wear this ring that is simple. This is because they use them every day and thus do not want them to be very heavy. They also want a ring that is going to go well with the type of work they do. And a ring that is going to look very beautiful on their fingers.

Gold rings are available in different colours of gold, including yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Yellow gold, however, is most commonly used for wedding bands. If you want to wear a wedding ring of yellow gold, then you can buy it in different styles of jewellery including plain gold wedding bands, stacking rings, and banded rings. There are also some other types of rings that are perfect for matching with your engagement ring.

Buy Diamond Couple Band Ring

The centre of a couple's band usually has a small diamond on it. The rings usually come as plain and polished rings. This gold diamond ring of jewellery plays an important role in expressing one's feelings for others. Consider this diamond couple band in a simple one as well. A couples band with one diamond is the most popular choice. These rings are available in solitaire settings, pave diamond settings, platinum diamond settings, and many more.

There are also rings made with side diamonds or gemstones, such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other gems with diamonds so that a couple can promise their love for a lifetime. This is the common factor that links diverse cultures from the west and the east.

Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring

An engagement ring is traditionally given by the man to his lady love during a proposal. This signifies their union and their mutual promise to marry each other. On the other hand, wedding rings are worn after marriage as a sign of commitment between husband and wife.

One of the most popular styles for a wedding ring is the white gold engagement ring with a diamond as its centre stone. The modern trend is to have a matching band that will perfectly match the engagement ring.

Perrian Couple Bands Ring Collection

At Perrian Jewelry, our range of couple band rings and jewellery is of the highest quality. We have a variety of styles ranging from simple yet elegant bands where you can buy a couple of band ring online. We have matching bands with diamonds or garnets and gold and silver couple rings as well as matching engagement rings made from precious metals.

There are also many different couple band ring designs to choose from such as the plain band or the diamond-encrusted bands. Our Couple band ring price is more affordable so, you can buy the perfect ring online. We also have beautiful rings with matching wedding bands made in white gold jewellery. If you are looking for a traditional style or a modern one, you will find the perfect design that will suit your taste here at Perrian Jewels.