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Women wear Mangala sutras, or mangalsutras, as necklaces in India, Sri Lanka, and other countries in southern Asia. It is recognized as identifying married women. The word "mangal" means auspicious or good fortune and "sura" means necklace, so a mangalsutra can be interpreted as a necklace that brings good fortune. Mangalsutra is made through a gold pendant, black bead, and gold chain included, the mangalsutra wear on regular days by married women because it is an auspicious thread jewellery set and it is tied by the groom to the bride's neck on the wedding day occasions. 
Mangalsutra has different terms to describe its name such as "nallapusalu" in Andhra Pradesh, "ganthan" in Maharashtra, etc. And as per the traditional culture of India Mangalasutra is basically given from grooms to brides' families. After the wedding ceremony, women wore the mangalsutra to celebrate their marital status, The original meaning of the mangalsutra was: “I wear this as a symbol of my dedication to you." 

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Mangalsutra is a decorative necklace made of a gold chain, yellow gold or a silver one, diamond, and black beads. Purchase Mangalsutra's latest design at in affordable price options with purity certification. The Mangalsutra is a tradition that has been used in India for marriage time. It is a string of pearls and beads worn around the neck, usually by married women. Over get the latest design options and style which I mention down. 

Diamond Mangalsutra

An utterly unique diamond mangalsutra is the perfect way to express your devotion to your partner. Its delicate design is created by weaving threads of pure gold into a stunning pattern on a strip of diamonds that are then mounted on top of the gold or silver pendant.  Families nowadays prefer to purchase diamond-based mangalsutra to appear wealthy and sophisticated. Modern women tend to wear diamond mangalsutras to look wealthy and to match modern outfits.

The diamond used in mangalsutras has a brilliant cut, perfect for mangalsutras. Perrian gives you thousands of unique pendant design along with diamond as an option that satisfy your love of gorgeous jewellery in our collection. You can choose diamond modern mangalsutra designs from among a stunning variety of unique patterns and ethnic styles adorned with the finest diamonds. 

Gold Mangalsutra

Gold mangalsutras are one of the most commonly worn mangalsutras and diamonds are the least expensive, Gold mangalsutra consider a traditional mangalsutra as well. With a plain gold pendant, a black bead is attached to the gold thread. Gold mangalsutra comes in multiple weight variations like 2 grams to 10 grams of mangalsutra with design options available in the perrian special mangalsutra collection. Mangalsutra designs in gold are available in three pendant variations, single, double, and triple. 

You can buy mangalsutra in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold mangalsutra from perrian, We have a wide range of mangalsutras in different designs which are available at very reasonable prices. You can also buy online designs and many more according to your choice. 

Mangalsutra Price & Design

On perrian you'll get latest design of gold mangalsutra with price available with different types of price range. 

Gold Mangalsutra Under 40,000 Single Mangalsutra Diamond Diamond Nallapusalu
Gold Tanmaniya Mangalsutra Daily Wear Mangalsutra Light Weight Diamond Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra For Women

Indian women's mangalsutra is considered an auspicious gift to the bride by her parents on the occasion of her wedding. From day one of the marriage women daily wear mangalsutra at a casual time as well. Indians also believe that it is a protective necklace that wards off evil spirits and brings good luck, love, and prosperity. Mangalsutra can be personalized according to the bride's preferences; Whether it's the length of the chain, the pendant, or the clarity of the diamond. 

Perrian Jewels offers special Mangalsutra wrist bracelets and pieces of jewellery online that are a great choice if you are looking for something unique. Definitely one of fashion's biggest trends right now, they're also versatile enough to go with almost any outfit. They are great for gift-giving purposes as well, because of their prices. 

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Mangalsutra from Perrian Jewels

Perrian provides you with the latest contemporary mangalsutra design to wear on traditional occasions and casual times. We offer you different types of Mangalsutra like Yellow Gold Mangalsutra, White Gold Mangalsutra, Rose Gold Mangalsutra, and many more.

Each mangalsutra is unique have you see at perrian, yet they are still an indispensable part of Indian tradition. Some are delicate strings of pearls, Some are made with gold or silver, and Some with gemstone beads. And some with gold beads. 

You can buy mangalsutra online at the Perrian website where you can get all types of mangalsutra. 

Perrian is one of the famous online stores in India where you can buy different kinds of Mangalsutras. We provide you with various designs at a minimum rate for every budget. The mangalsutra is so beautiful and elegant that it will not be out of fashion for a long time to come.


Tanmaniya Mangalsutra