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diamond mangalsutra

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Diamond Mangalsutra

Women love diamonds because it is forever with this reason women nowadays prefer diamond mangalsutra. In mangalsutra diamonds come with gold pendants fitted along with black beads along the auspicious thread and it comes in so many different shapes, cuts and colours. Mangalstura is made from 18K gold and silver, with diamonds set in its pattern. But gorgeous diamond cuts, patterns and designs make mangalsutra a more attractive and traditional one that makes modern women have a more traditional touch. 

It symbolizes the marital status of a married woman. Traditionally, it is worn by married Hindu women in India; That's why the mangalsutra is not just a necklace but it is auspicious thread jewellery for Indian women. 

Over the years, it has been used in marriage ceremonies in a traditional way, Mangalustra is one of its jewellery that is the first preference while doing wedding jewellery shopping. 

At perrian, you will get a wide range of modern mangalsutra designs, traditional patterns and options available even in price. 

Modern Design Diamond Mangalsutra For Women

The diamond mangalsutra is now available with an ultra-modern design for the modern woman. It comes in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold combinations with different shapes and colours of diamonds. In our modern mangalsutra collection of 2022, white gold paired with white diamonds is the most popular combination. And you can also find other styles such as diamond mangalsutra with a round shape and a flower-like pattern. 

Single Diamond Mangalsutra

The single diamond mangalsutra is the most popular design in India today. There is one large carat round diamond attached to either a pendant or a mangalsutra chain. This is a delicate mangalsutra pendant that can be worn with office wear or daily wear clothes; It is an ideal option for your wife to wear this at parties or women's social gatherings, etc. Diamond mangalsutra is a precious piece of traditional jewellery for everlasting bond connect for a life partner, It has been a popular fashion statement for quite some time ago.

Black Diamond Mangalsutra

Black diamonds are rare and valuable because they are extremely difficult to find. A mangalsutra that has black diamonds in a combination with gold creates a perfect black diamond mangalsutra. A Black Diamond Mangalsutra is an inexpensive way of showing your love of black diamonds. You can find black diamond mangalsutra online easily.

Black diamonds are the most stunning of all diamonds because of their unique colour. But since they are so rare, black diamond mangalsutra pendants are very expensive. These days, however, you can choose from many different styles of mangalsutra that feature black diamonds at reasonable prices.

Gold And Diamond Mangalsutra

Gold and diamond mangalsutra is a perfect match. The two metals complement each other well, creating a mangalsutra that tells a story about the depth of your love for your life partner.  A diamond mangalsutra with gold is very popular, especially in South India. Nowadays, Gold and diamond Mangalsutra are available online in different styles and designs. The price of gold and diamond depends on the design of the necklace and the value of the diamonds. You can find both modern and traditional mangalsutra online. Customizing your mangalsutra is also an option.

Short And Long Diamond Mangalsutra

The traditional form of mangalsutra involves a row of beads. Many people want it modern, and therefore have two or more strings of beads in their mangalsutra. You can also choose from many different lengths for your mangalsutra. The short and long mangalsutra helps you to get your perfect length for diamond mangalsutra. You can also get your mangalsutra customized depending on the length you want.

The more you know about gold and diamond mangalsutra, the more you will enjoy wearing them in different styles with different colours or jewels.

Diamond Nallapusalu

In Andhra Pradesh, nallapusalu is known for mangalsutra. It is made of gold, silver or diamonds and looks heavy and long. These are the most beautiful pair of mangalsutra in South India. A nallapusalu necklace is ordered for various reasons, including weddings to show commitment. However, the nallapusalu comes in various styles to suit all women.

Nallapusalu is traditionally worn by married females in Kudumi or Kotta saree during weddings or other celebrations. This is because it means the woman is committed to her spouse and she will be dedicated to her life partner. Nallapusalu can also be worn with regular clothes. 

What Is The Price Of One Diamond Mangalsutra?

Diamond mangalsutra price varies, depending on quality. The better the quality, the more expensive it is. At perrian there is an original diamond and pure gold mangalsutra under ₹ 50,000 to go ₹ 3,50,000 and prices are set best on diamond carat, weight, the gold metal used and etc. 

How Do You Clean A Diamond Mangalsutra?

It's easy to clean with warm water at home if it is gone and dull and there are steps available to take a mixture of a few drops of Dawn dish detergent in warm water. Let the piece sit in the solution for a few minutes, longer if it's very dirty, then gently scrub with a new small size and a soft toothbrush. To rinse, place the item in a new container of lukewarm water.