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Over you can explore a variety of ornaments that can give the next level of style and budget your pocket as well with minimum making charges. If you are searching for the best ring for women we have solitaire rings, diamond rings, gold rings, engagement rings, and anniversary ring collections. Are you still confused about where to check and find the best ring for yourself? check our ring collection and learn about ring size, metals used, and everything.  Shop rings online here. 

Women's Ring, Gold Ring, Solitaire Ring, and Diamond Ring, etc.

Perrian offers a wide range of women's rings, rose rings, and solitaire rings in a variety of styles and pricing. If you are unsure about the ring size or the purity of the ring metal substance, you can visit the perrian jewelry education page, which explains everything in detail. Every woman has a different taste in style and fashion following. Their many people who have to wear rings daily, But you might have an attractive jewelry ring just like no other has and become your topper at a party or wedding time. 

Gold Ring

A gold ring has been worn by both men and women since Roman times, and it never goes out of style because new design patterns come and because metals remain the same. We have various types of gold metal available like rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold, choose from them as per your taste and style. A yellow gold ring for women and men makes a simple and classic style of jewels to give, check out our gold ring collection for both women and men and search in it an engagement ring, anniversary ring, and yellow gold ring for men as well, We have promise ring as well for those people who want to propose to their committed partner. 

Solitaire diamond ring is the best jewel to consider for a special day like an anniversary gift, engagement time, proposed time, promise time, or wedding ring time. There is white gold or rose gold also great options, to get the best attractive stylish look rose or white gold is best to wear and it is much more popular in women as well. Shop gold rings for women in a range of rings like a promise ring, infinity ring, single diamond ring, and more options available. 

Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring represents love and loyalty to a sweetheart. Perrian solitaire ring is perfect for couples or for those who want to propose to their loved ones for an engagement or for a wedding commitment. According to jewelry experts, a solitaire ring is a proposed ring named too. 

The solitaire engagement ring comes with a single diamond which is fitted at the center and goes with a diamond solitaire ring for engagement there are multiple compliments received like easy to express feeling through the diamond, simple elegant looks give along these few points you have to remain while purchasing solitaire. (Stone Shape, Stone Type, Ring Material, And Size). You will check out the solitaire education page for more details. 

Diamond Ring

Diamond rings express love, feeling, and commitment to a loved one, there is engagement, wedding proposal commitment, or an anniversary gift. If you are searching best design and real diamond ring for yourself or to give it to someone special one. Perrian has a larger collection of diamond rings for you to have a look at. 

Diamond rings are available in your preferred metals such as gold, white gold, and platinum. It also reminds me that Perrian has a range of men's diamond rings for special occasions. If you are unsure about diamond quality, carats, or anything else, please visit our education page, where you can find all of the knowledge you need about diamonds and gold. offers a diverse selection of diamonds, as well as certification and customization choices, from which you can choose based on your design and budget.

Engagement Rings

Perrian engagement rings express a feeling for your loved ones. Every engagement ring is designed and handcrafted by our artisans in Surat and other parts of India. From simple to the exclusive design of a ring, we have something for everyone. No matter if you're looking for a more traditional ring or one that's modern, we have just the right engagement ring for you. Solitaire engagement rings are a timeless design, and this gives a ring a solid and sophisticated presence without being too elaborate.

Shop ring with your favorite design, metals, and diamond options at perrian with the exclusive offer available. Below are a few options available for those who are 

Couple Bands

Couple bands (rings) are made up of two separate bands for both men and women, It's a unique alternative to the standard engagement and wedding bands. Pair bands have a basic exquisite appearance with a small diamond as an option but normally have a simple and minor design over it or a few couples engrave each other's partner's name over it to make it more loveable.

At wide collection of couple bands (rings), that can fit a budget, style, and latest design option. Each band represents the love that a couple has for each other and their commitment to one another. Also, it is a perfect gift choice for your loved ones on special days. 

Eternity Rings

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or want to add some style to your finger, eternity bands are an excellent choice for you! Eternity Rings are rings that have diamonds around the entire ring. The diamonds go all the way around and are connected to one another without gaps. This style of Eternity diamond band is a beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry that offers something different from the traditional jewelry available today.

This unique style of Eternity Rings ​has taken the world by storm, but there are still many people who do not know much about it, even though it is actually quite common in today's society. 

Our Eternity band collection has a variety of designs and materials to choose from, like gold or platinum, and there is always a choice for the person who has an eye for jewelry.

Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is made with multiple diamond collections along with various colors and carats and sizes, The cocktail ring dimension is bigger than other regular rings. This style of jewelry goes well with large gemstones, small diamonds, and colored gemstones. They often have a more contemporary feel without compromising on the beauty of the diamond. It’s a great choice for someone who loves to wear colorful and stylish jewelry.

Cocktail rings are the ideal wear for Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, wedding time wear, and Birthdays. It is a perfect addition to an existing ring collection. We recommend adding accent stones within the ring design to make it even more special!

Love Knot Rings

At perrian, you will get a variety of love knot rings with a wide range of metals like yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Most of them are crafted to get a point put traditional touch given and others knot rings are given a modern design pattern. 

Just like other rings' solitaire rings, cluster rings, diamond rings, and halo rings, this love knot ring crafted a knot over the center of the ring. We have a diamond love knot ring with a stud diamond and a bunch of diamonds crafted over it. Over perrian, you will also get a heart-shaped knot ring as well. 

Religious Rings

A religious ring is used to show religious beliefs and ideals. These rings can be made from precious metals such as gold or silver, and they are inscribed with symbolic designs, words or phrases, and even symbols that relate to the wearer's religion.

The most popular design for this type of ring features an inscription with a religious symbol, such as letters from the alphabet or other symbols such as OM or God’s icons like Ganesha Ring and Shiv Ring. At Perrian, we provide every type of religious ring from which you can purchase.

For people who practice a religion, the religious ring is an important part of their spirituality. They associate it with their faith and like to wear one to show solidarity with fellow believers. Indians have worn religious artifacts since ancient times, from Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims alike.

Most religions have a symbol that is important for members of the religion to wear as part of their faith. Many people who wear these religious rings do so because they believe in the blessings or protection these symbols provide.

Cluster Rings

Cluster rings are a great way to start a collection of rings. They feature small diamonds or gemstones uniquely clustered with each other, Diamond Cluster rings are ideal for people who love the design and the idea behind them. Small diamonds in cluster rings are always mostly white stones that can be topped with colored stones, and they look absolutely gorgeous!

These rings are completely unique and can be worn on any finger. Also, you have the choice of buying a ring online and wearing these rings because they look particularly stunning.

Piper Fleur Diamond Ring₹ 72,485
Single Stone Solitaire Ring For Women₹ 18,296
Sammy Z Design Diamond Wedding Band₹ 41,024
Hangout Couple Diamond Ring₹ 38,181
Ela Twirl Diamond Ring₹ 38,071
Bella Vibes Diamond Ring₹ 17,124
Mohan Diamond Wedding Ring₹ 88,060
Wavy Couple Diamond Wedding Ring₹ 34,879
Cube Blocks Diamond Ring₹ 18,666
Infinity Crossover Diamond Ring₹ 16,342