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Diamond Ring

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Cluster LInear Diamond Men's Ring

₹ 132,726 ₹ 135,952
Save : 3226

Roller Men's Diamond Wedding Band

₹ 99,935 ₹ 103,297
Save : 3362

Marquise Cut Cluster Diamond Women Ring

₹ 43,536 ₹ 44,531
Save : 995

Brianna Bell Diamond Ring

₹ 17,055 ₹ 18,081
Save : 1026

Olivia Diamond Wedding Band

₹ 14,058 ₹ 15,109
Save : 1051

Cluster Setting Diamond Nail Ring

₹ 78,437 ₹ 79,858
Save : 1421

Alina Pear Shape Diamond Ring

₹ 34,023 ₹ 34,919
Save : 896

Alice Fleur Diamond Ring For Women

₹ 37,996 ₹ 38,997
Save : 1001

Deep Dual Heart Ring

₹ 25,310 ₹ 26,756
Save : 1446

Geo Style Cluster Circle Diamond Ring

₹ 24,685 ₹ 26,063
Save : 1378

Emilia Diamond Ring

₹ 69,293 ₹ 70,733
Save : 1440

Criss Cross Diamond Band

₹ 15,658 ₹ 16,610
Save : 952

Mila Cushion Shape Diamond Ring

₹ 56,757 ₹ 57,894
Save : 1137

Danseuse Kids Diamond Ring

₹ 14,610 ₹ 15,728
Save : 1118

Trio Heart Couple Diamond Ring

₹ 33,814 ₹ 35,334
Save : 1520

Ela Twirl Diamond Ring

₹ 33,857 ₹ 35,186
Save : 1329

Trio Heart Couple Diamond Ring

₹ 33,814 ₹ 35,334
Save : 1520

Mohan Diamond Wedding Ring

₹ 89,087 ₹ 93,629
Save : 4542

Classic Diamond Finger Nail Ring

₹ 24,743 ₹ 26,356
Save : 1613

Cluster Bar Diamond Ring

₹ 63,353 ₹ 67,543
Save : 4190

Deep Dual Heart Ring

₹ 25,310 ₹ 26,756
Save : 1446

Geometric Men's Diamond Ring

₹ 56,040 ₹ 60,039
Save : 3999

Quadrat Multi Stone Diamond Ring

₹ 26,435 ₹ 27,337
Save : 902

Evil Eye Pattern Diamond Ring

₹ 14,761 ₹ 15,601
Save : 840
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Ivy Heart Shape Women Diamond Ring

₹ 56,831 (₹ 57,913)

Save ₹ 1082

Dual Circle Diamond Ring

₹ 12,066 (₹ 12,969)

Save ₹ 903

Alice Twist Diamond Ring

₹ 14,319 (₹ 15,580)

Save ₹ 1261

Diamond Square Cluster Men's Ring

₹ 124,087 (₹ 128,030)

Save ₹ 3943

Kasten Double layer Band Ring

₹ 12,266 (₹ 13,193)

Save ₹ 927

Women Finger Diamond Nail Ring

₹ 33,577 (₹ 35,097)

Save ₹ 1520

Ohm Diamond Men's Wedding band

₹ 35,341 (₹ 38,672)

Save ₹ 3331

Geo Style Cluster Circle Diamond Ring

₹ 24,685 (₹ 26,063)

Save ₹ 1378

Trio Heart Couple Diamond Ring

₹ 33,814 (₹ 35,334)

Save ₹ 1520

Cluster Setting Diamond Nail Ring

₹ 78,437 (₹ 79,858)

Save ₹ 1421

Ember Solitaire Diamond Ring

₹ 22,423 (₹ 23,498)

Save ₹ 1075

Geo Style Cluster Circle Diamond Ring

₹ 24,685 (₹ 26,063)

Save ₹ 1378

Olivia Diamond Wedding Band

₹ 14,058 (₹ 15,109)

Save ₹ 1051

Nilima Diamond Band For Her

₹ 32,572 (₹ 34,018)

Save ₹ 1446

Kasten Double layer Band Ring

₹ 12,266 (₹ 13,193)

Save ₹ 927

Criss Cross Diamond Band

₹ 15,658 (₹ 16,610)

Save ₹ 952

Welle Eternity half Diamond Ring

₹ 26,744 (₹ 27,646)

Save ₹ 902

Diamond Peacock Nail Ring

₹ 38,847 (₹ 40,850)

Save ₹ 2003

Aadhya Diamond Ring For Women

₹ 14,440 (₹ 15,577)

Save ₹ 1137

Classic Sparkle Diamond Band

₹ 35,084 (₹ 36,573)

Save ₹ 1489

Lyla Triplet Diamond Women Ring

₹ 14,977 (₹ 15,663)

Save ₹ 686

Blocks Patterns Diamond band

₹ 12,716 (₹ 13,501)

Save ₹ 785

Aquilone Diamond Ring

₹ 12,157 (₹ 12,942)

Save ₹ 785

Emilia Diamond Ring

₹ 69,293 (₹ 70,733)

Save ₹ 1440


Diamonds are forever, and women fall in love with diamond jewellery; if you want to buy a perfect diamond ring for your partner on her special day (engagement day, anniversary, promise day, or wedding time) here, you will get a reasonable price diamond ring. 

At a reasonable price, Perrian offers that; on our design ring based on the latest design attachment feeling with jewels. You'll get Diamond Solitaire Ring, Diamond Engagement Ring, Cluster Ring, Single Stone Ring, Couple Band, and other jewellery, whether pendant, diamond earring, or last diamond nose pin.

According to current trends, diamond rings with a cluster diamond design are one of the most selling rings, just like our best-seller product; this style has gained popularity and is more common among women these days. 

Diamond Ring For Women

The diamond ring with a unique design is one perfect way to describe your love. Diamond rings are one of the most modern jewellery ornaments for brides-to-be worldwide. Various designs are available, ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate. 

Women can choose the diamond ring as per their suitable design option single stud diamond ring to cluster diamond ring; We have a ring collection with an antique royal touch also given. There are many other styles to choose from as well. But it is important to remember that this ring will provide you with lifelong memories, which is why you must choose one wisely.

Single Diamond Ring

A single diamond ring is what you should go for if you want something beautiful, luxurious, and extravagant. The solitaire diamond ring is one of the most popular single diamond rings, and a single diamond ring is also called a classic solitaire ring.

The diamond ring's small size even comes in a single diamond ring. 

Diamond Ring for Her

When choosing a diamond ring for her, it is essential to understand her style preferences. There are many diamond rings, from simple to elaborate, vintage to modern, etc. Before you purchase one, you should always know what she likes. A diamond solitaire ring can make an ideal surprise gift for her if she is someone who loves simple things. 

You can try out diamond halo rings which can make an ideal choice if she likes something unique and exquisite. If your partner loves vintage styles, go for a brilliant-cut ring or one with diamonds surrounded by smaller white stones.  When buying diamond rings for her, you should choose something that can be worn on all occasions. 

Finding Perfect Diamond Shape Cut For Ring

When you think about a diamond ring, the first thing that comes to mind is the shape cut, such as round, square, rectangular, or oval. Your choice of diamond shape will depend on several factors, like your personal preference and style statement. Over perrian, you will have a broad range of diamond shapes available from which you can decide which shape cut is perfect for an engagement ring or diamond ring. The most demanded shapes are mentioned below:

Round Cut Engagement Ring 

Round cut diamond is one of the most common diamonds, and all are aware of this cut. Still, it's excellent when used in jewellery ornaments like rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. A round cut diamond engagement ring is available with a wide range of carat 0.20ct to 0.80 ct carat diamond is much affordable at perrian. 

Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

The emerald cut is one of the popular cuts among celebrities. They love to wear this type of cut ring at their engagement or wedding time at any big bash event. One of those alternate styles is the emerald-cut engagement ring. This choice has been popularized by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, who got engaged to Kanye West with a large emerald-cut diamond ring. The silhouette of this particular style makes it distinctive and eye-catching.

The emerald cut is a rectangle shape cut, and based on this diamond fitted center over the ring band; you have an option to choose a single diamond or a bunch of diamonds around it. Over perrian, you have to choose all types of emerald cut rings.

Princess-Cut Engagement Ring

The princess cut engagement ring is a type of diamond that has been trending in recent years; the popularity of this ring is due to its unique shape and effect on the wearer. The princess cut can be seen as a higher level of sophistication than other cuts, such as the round or emerald cut, and can be used to symbolize power and wealth. It is often described as a square-cut diamond with four smaller diamonds on the side, forming a shape resembling a crown.

Princess cut engagement rings are often considered more unique than the traditional round cut ring because of their square shape. The princess cut also has more clarity and sparkle due to its angles that reflect light in every direction.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Cushion cut engagement ring is a popular style because of the unique shape of the cut. They are an excellent choice for a centerpiece stone in an engagement ring. A Cushion Cut engagement ring is a perfect option for those who have been searching for an elegant and sophisticated diamond that can be incorporated into their lifestyle. The cushion-cut engagement ring has a uniform shape on top with a curved edge on the bottom.

Square Shape Diamond

The diamond looks more elegant with square shapes, but in square-cut, a princess cut is a more demanding cut we discussed above; it is an ideal choice for those who want an intense sparkle, a bold look, and a brilliant shine. Its cut depth is more significant than those of round diamonds. So, it can be adapted to a wide range of square shapes: "Cushion, Radiant, Princess, Mind."  

Heart Shape Diamond

If you want to make your ring more romantic, Then this is the shape you should go for. Perrian offers a variety of heart-shaped diamond rings for your consideration. A diamond in the shape of a heart is an ideal gift for a loved one who wishes to make a romantic gesture.

What Is The Best Carat Diamond For A Ring?

Most people believe a diamond ring should have at least over 0.5 Carat. They think that a 1-carat diamond is perfect for every woman. If you want to look for something unique and extraordinary, then go for a huge stone. A stone size of over 3 carats is the most expensive. But it is also known to be luxurious and excellent for special occasions. These stones will make your partner's day. You can choose between various colours like white gold or yellow gold.