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hoop earring

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Hoop Earring

A hoops earring is a type of pierced earring with two or more loops, usually made from metal. The term "hoop" refers to the shape and design of these rings; they are often circular in cross-section but can also be square, oval, triangular, etc., depending on their intended use. Hoops may have straight sides, curved sides, or even pointed ends.


Over, striking and stylish pair of hoop earrings which can wear with a western outfit to ethnic wear as well; Hoop earrings will transform your look completely. You can wear hoops multi ways with outfits. While it is flattering on everyone, it is no surprise that it makes a stylish reappearance any season.


We are familiar with the excellent quality and stylish design of our diamond hoops earrings, gold and white gold. For those who have always wanted to invest in a pair of earrings but didn't know where to start, then our selection at Perrian Jewel is perfect! 


Types of Hoops Earrings

Hoops earrings pair of jewels come in different shapes, designs, sizes, metals and colors to transform your personality in any season; it is always in trend. Even if you prefer something simple, it's easy to buy something unique, stylish earrings collection that's enough to fit into your collection with simplicity.


Gold Hoops Earrings

Gold hoops earring collection that women can wear on traditional and western outfits. If you want a modern look in gold earrings, these hoops can feel women's wishes with modern design and patterns touch. 


Trendy, fashionable and comfortable women wear suddenly organized anytime and on any occasion. Gold hoop earrings come lightweight and depend on the karat of yellow gold and grams used. Over perrian traditional gold hoop earrings usually start with 18k gold to 22k gold with various designs.


Diamond Hoops Earrings 

Diamond hoops earrings are one of the modern jewellery collections for those women who want to wear diamond earrings with the latest fashion style. Attractive design and pattern used and price of diamond hoop earrings start budgeted working women.


Hoop earring designs are adaptable and worn over the latest outfits like formal wear, Indian salwar kameez and go out with coffee meetings, office time, and casual time. If you are on the hunt for something that contains all the quality look for your money, then our selection at Perrian is perfect!


Pearl Hoop Earrings

Pearl fashion is ever popular, and Pearl hoop earrings are one of the most in-demand styles due to their superior look. If you're looking for a current and fashionable style, pearl hoop earrings are a great option to wear, so if you're a beauty lover looking for a style that will stand out in the crowd, look no further than these classic pearl hoop earrings.


Classic Hoops Earrings

Classic hoop earrings are simple yellow gold or white gold women's hoop earrings that can wear on simple plain colours of outfits like white, black, or golden. It's a classy look that will compliment any jewellery collection. 


This is a perfect choice for women who want to require earrings that are elegant and classy. In today's fashion world, it's hard to find jewellery that compliments your everyday style, but these hoops can perfectly match your personality and any outfit. 

Oval Hoops Earrings

Women's looks can be enhanced by oval hoops earrings, which are a stylish addition. Choose an oval-shaped pair of gold hoop earrings if you want to try something trendy, unique, modern or luxurious that will enhance your look. 


Perrian Jewel offers oval hoops jewellery design that will increase your stylish personality; we have the perfect pair of hoops to combine with your everyday jewellery. 


Small Hoop Earrings

Small and contemporary jewellery is always favourite by females and especially office work females. It comes with yellow and golden rose gold metals giving a cute look to women. It is also a good option for second ear piercing earrings.


Small hoop earrings are usually between 1/2 inch to 2 inches in diameter. They are less expensive than other hoops of earrings. They hold their shape and look better as the day wears on and hang more securely. The style is effortless for anyone to coordinate with a t-shirt type of fashion attire. 


Round Hoop Earrings

The round-shaped hoop earrings are slim and oversized and look like bangles. Round Hoop Earrings are often associated with old cultures and can be found in most world cultures. Today, though, they are still a popular choice in jewellery. 


They have a modern look that is perfect for anyone who wants to be cute and stylish. They are great for casual jewellery worn to the office or around town. Ranging from sterling silver to gold and diamonds, they are always an excellent option for those who love great design.


Big Hoop Earrings

Big hoop earrings are large dangle earrings that go around the entire earlobe and usually cross over the top of the ear. They will make large jewellery like bangles, so it is vital to wear an outfit that will compete with it.


Celebrities often wear big hoops like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and others who love wearing these earrings. You can buy big hoop earrings in sterling silver or yellow gold. They are usually worn over parties and special occasions. They are typically statement pieces, so you will not find big hoop earrings in everyday jewellery stores.


Half Hoop Earrings

Last few years, half hoop earrings have slowly become popular with women because they are made with diamond and gold metals. These are the most accessible earrings to wear and offer the most versatility. This simple pair of earrings can be worn with almost anything, even if they are not a statement piece.


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