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A nose ring is a round or semi-round piece of jewellery that wears on the nose's left side. In Indian women and girls wear nose rings at special occasions like weddings, engagement time or pooja ritual time. This is a one of jewellery which points out the marital status, gender or age. and it is made from various types of metals like gold, silver and platinum but the gold one is one of the most demanding ones and also they may contain gemstones. They are accessories traditionally worn on the nose to create a more attractive profile. Nose rings have been worn for fashion and utility since ancient times.

Indian women wear nose piercings on their right, left, or both sides of the nose depending on the region and ethnicity of the women. In India, women traditionally wear either "phul" (nose rings) or "nath" (nose studs).

Today, there are other types of nose rings available in various materials. They are an efficient way to accentuate the beauty of any nose ring designs in gold for female with price it is available.

Gold Nose ring

Nose rings in gold metal are one of the commonest types of nose rings and are habitually made from metal. They are often worn for aesthetic reasons. Nose rings come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes and are of gold, coloured or embellished with diamonds. Gold nose rings are part of a special outfit, occasion or on extraordinary days; buy diamond nose pins which come in other styles like twisted, screw, stud and single diamond nose pin.

There are diamond-based nose rings also available, which are most popular with modern women and girls. The well-set diamond can be worn as a nose ring, which is an elegant way to show off your lovesome piece. Nose rings are set with separate diamonds, rubies or emeralds.

Gold nose rings are the traditional way to adorn your nose. These traditional gold nose rings look suitable and pricey too. They complement the face with a shine. Pure gold nose rings are mostly plain and simple, but they give an imperial impression when worn by a woman who can carry off elegance faultlessly.

In Kerala, nose rings are ordinarily called "Nottu". The design of this nose ring varies from the simple "Nottu" to the ornate "Nottu" which has an intricate design inside. In Kerala, this particular nose ring is made from a mix of copper and silver. The gold nose rings used in Kerala are typically made from 12k gold or solid 14k gold. The rings are also ringed with diamonds.

Types Of Nose Rings Styles

There are many types of nose rings, depending on the type of piercing. The following are some of the most popular styles of nose piercings:

Nostril Piercing:

  1. The most common style of nose piercing is generally done in the nostril. Depending on your preference, you can either do it on the left or right side. In the main, nose pins and nose studs look religious.

High Nostril:

  1. This style consists of horizontal lines across the bridge of the nose. It is performed in the nose's cartilage or bone.


  1. If you prefer a dressy nose piercing, then this style is excellent. It takes place under the skin, mightily at the bottom of the nose.

Rhino Piercing:

  1. It is also described as Vertical Tip Piercing and is rare and sole. It involves a curved barbell, but you can also choose a straight bar.

Austin Bar:

  1. It utilizes the same concept as Nasallang but does not pass through the septum. Unlike the nasal tip, it travels through the nasal passage.

Bridge Piercing:

  1. This piercing is known as Erl and is performed horizontally across the bridge of the nose.

Nasallang Piercing:

  1. It is the most complex form of nose piercing that passed through both nostrils and the septum. Here, the nose studs look excellent.

You can choose from the on-given nose piercing and define your nose ring look.

How To Choose The Right Nose Ring?

Before purchasing a nose ring, always keep your face shape in mind there are rounded shapes, v shapes and square shape face cut always go with semi-circle or curve nose rings. You can go for lightweight designs, especially suitable for people with sharpened noses nose rings in the shape of cashew nuts and with pearls and studs. If the etched face is to go for a statement-making nose pin, it must be gorgeous and percussion.

Heart-shaped faces are certain for nose rings with chain embellishments. Square shapes are suitable for oversized nose rings with adornments. Ultimately, those with narrow noses or facial features can opt for nose studs, drops, or precious stone balls. As a result, Indian nose rings will be suitable to enhance your appearance.

Our Nose Ring Collection

Perrian jewels have a wide range of nose rings and explore an extended range of nose rings for every occasion available. Choose from the collection of traditional, studded or westernized designs. From festivals & weddings to parties, you can make it a complying accessory that matches every outfit, Gold nose rings have a variety of materials available. You can make it a fashion accessory which you wish to wear with any dress. These rings are entire for all the occasions in your life. From your wedding day to daily visits to the salon, these nose rings are a must-have in your wardrobe.

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