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Devotees adore Lord Krishna, the son of King Vasudeva. He's a lovable kid, a mischief-making baby, a maverick lover, a great statesman, and a gallant warrior, the lord of dharma and the all Attractive. This Lord Shree Krishna Pendant is a beautiful way to show your devotion and love for the divine figure. 


Krishna's figure is depicted in detail on this gold pendant. Accompanying the picture is an inscription that reads "Bhagwan Vishnu Mahaveer Jaya" (meaning "Worshipful God Vishnu, The Victor"). This pendant is an excellent addition to any wardrobe, perfect as a gift for any devotee of Lord Govinda or anyone who loves Hindu culture. Lord Krishna's gold pendant is an ultimate religious symbol that would be ideal for Krishna devotees. 


It is beautifully crafted with golden hues and a detailed depiction of lord Krishna, making it the perfect gift for any special occasion. If you're looking to celebrate Janmashtami in the unique way possible, Blessing Murli-Manohar has just the pendant for you!


Lord Krishna Gold Pendant - For Whom is it Ideal?

Lord Krishna Gold Pendant is the perfect religious symbol for Hindus. It's beautiful, meaningful and ideal for anyone looking for a necklace that will express their devotion to Lord Krishna elegantly. The pendant is also great for people of all faiths who want to express their devotion to Lord Govind Krishna in a meaningful way. If you're looking for the ultimate religious symbol, then Lord Radha Krishna Pendant is a perfect choice!


This Lord Krishna gold Pendant is a beautiful piece of jewellery that can be worn by both men and women alike. These designs depict Lord Krishna in his flute, his mor pankh, with beautiful ornate details. The pendant is made of gold and diamonds, perfect for everyone.


Gold Krishna Pendant Designs for the Krishna Devotees


There's something about the Lord Krishna gold pendant that appeals to the senses. This pendant is perfect whether you're a beginner or an experienced devotee. 


There are many different designs, including the Radha Krishna pendant, Muralidhar pendant, peacock feather pendant, etc., so find one that you like best. Whether you're looking for something to wear every day or something that you can dress up for special occasions, the Radha Krishna gold pendant is the perfect religious symbol for you. 


It's great to show your devotion and love for Lord Krishna and his teachings. So, if you're looking for a religious symbol that uplifts your spirit and makes your wardrobe look stylish, the Lord Krishna gold pendant is the perfect option!

So, below are some of the latest diamond Krishna pendants you can choose from;


Radha Krishna pendant

This is a beautiful diamond Radha Krishna pendant that features intricate details of Radha Krishna on the necklace. It's perfect for both men and women and can be worn with any outfit and also a great gift idea for love couples. This particular design is made of diamonds, making it one of the most luxurious options.


Muralidhar pendant

The Muralidhar pendant is also an attractive option for those who want to express their devotion to Lord Krishna in a meaningful way. The pendant features a detailed depiction of the Lord Sri Muralidhar with His flute. This pendant is available in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold so that you can choose any depending on your preference.


Kahna peacock feather pendant

This is another stunning peacock feather Krishna gold pendant perfect for those who want to beautifully show their devotion to Lord Krishna. It comes with sparkling diamonds that set off the feather design, making it an eye-catching option for any religious wearer.


Gopal Flute pendant

This beautiful diamond Gopal Flute pendant features intricate details of the Govinda on the necklace. This diamond pendant is an excellent choice for every daily wear and is also ideal as a gift for someone special. The necklace comes in all yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold so you can choose the right one depending on your taste and style.


Celebrate this Janmashtami with perrian and the blessing of Murli Manohar

Janmashtami is celebrated on the Shravana-Bhadrapada month of the Hindu calendar. On this auspicious day, we pay our respects to Lord Krishna by offering prayers and performing rituals. In Janmashtami, we offer prayers to Lord Krishna and seek blessings from him. With Perrian jewels, you can now make this Janmashtami more special with our gold Krishna pendant collection. 


Our Lord Krishna pendant collection is available in a wide range of designs, different gold metal colours and karats, and different diamond shapes and quality. 


Yellow gold

This Krishna gold pendant is available in 18k yellow gold and 14k yellow gold, with a beautiful design. An elegant piece of jewellery that combines elegance and faith is the perfect gift for someone special. The pendant also comes with a white diamond, making it the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to show off their devotion to Lord Krishna uniquely. Also, you can choose a plain gold diamond Krishna pendant if your budget is low.


White gold

This white gold Krishna pendant is available in 18k, 14k, and 22k. It comes with a beautiful design of Lord Krishna on the necklace, paired with premium quality diamonds. Someone who loves delicate jewellery and wants to express their devotion to Lord Krishna elegantly will love this gift. The pendant also comes with a lifetime warranty from Perrian jewels to ensure that it will last long.


Rose gold

Three karats of gold are available in this rose gold Krishna pendant: 18kt, 14kt, and 22kt. The necklace comes with a beautiful design of Lord Krishna on the chain; you can choose a rose gold diamond pendant if you want something affordable but also elegant. This necklace is available in rose gold, so if you want to add a touch of elegance to your Janmashtami celebration without breaking your bank, this rose gold pendant will be a perfect choice!