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Diamond pendants that women love to wear with beautiful diamond sets and other jewellery accessories like rings, earrings and bracelets. Diamond necklaces are strictly for a woman. A string of pearls or an elaborate traditional choker, or even a multi-layered neckpiece, nothing makes you look more womanly than a beautiful piece of necklace. However there are these other versions of Diamond necklaces as well that might I dare to add, are more neckpieces.

You can wear them on any occasion, and every woman should have at least one of them in her jewellery box. They are a classic and timeless way to show off your feminine side and wear your heart on your neck. A diamond pendant necklace is just a piece of jewellery made of precious metal, with a diamond attached.

They come in all shapes and sizes, like hearts or flowers, or for the more traditional round shape. Commonly they have either one stone or multiple stones set in the metal frame that attaches it to the chain. Diamonds, in general, are a popular choice for many people, as they have been around forever. Diamonds are the most preferred gem for jewellery because of their brilliance, uniqueness, durability, and the fact that they never fade. 

Types of Diamond Pendants Available 

Diamond pendants come in a variety of styles, a great way to start looking for the right diamond pendant is to determine what type of metal you prefer. One option is to purchase a diamond with a gold setting. Purchase a diamond pendant that has 14-karat gold because it is the most durable metal for diamond jewellery. The setting of the diamond will hold it in place.

Gold Diamond Pendants

A simple gold diamond pendant design is an excellent choice for those who are interested in getting a diamond set in gold at an affordable price. Since gold is the most durable metal for diamond settings, you can rest assured that your diamond pendant will last a lifetime.

Diamond Name Pendants

Another famous diamond pendant design is a name pendant that is called the alphabet pendant. When you want a recognized symbol like your or your loved one's name, you have to purchase a diamond pendant with a high-quality setting. The name pendants can be placed on chains, bracelets and necklaces to show off the perfect diamond.

Small Diamond Pendants

Diamond pendants can often be found in small-sized diamonds. These small diamond pendants are the perfect size for a modest, yet beautiful necklace. That includes white diamond pendants, diamond infinity pendants, solitaire diamond pendants, round diamond pendants etc. There are many different kinds of settings that you can choose depending on how much money you want to spend and what your preferences are.

A Perfect Valentine Gift For Women On Valentine's Day

Ever since diamonds began to be used as jewellery, they have been the most popular gem. They are durable and are a symbol of eternal love. There is no argument that they are simply beautiful and unique. That is why so many people go around getting them as gifts for loved ones, which is very admirable and considerate of them in general. Go ahead and get them this wonderful necklace from the perrian pendants collection.

And give them a wide selection of beautiful gems like a diamond. We have some designs in our collection that you can give as a valentine day gift to your loved ones. You can buy heart-shaped pendants, infinity pendants, alphabet pendants, single pendants and many more. We have a wide range of options to choose from, and you can also choose from chain lengths, also making it easy for you to find the one that suits your loved one's taste.

A well-designed diamond pendant is an eye-catching piece that fits every occasion. It has the ability to complete the look of your clothing and amplify it at the same time.

Diamond Pendants For Men

Many men are not too keen on wearing jewels. But there is a particular type of jewellery that they can't resist just like a religious pendant. Diamond pendants for men are a perfect way to get your man to wear something beautiful around his neck it's not difficult to choose from a wide variety of designs such as simple chains or even more complex pieces of jewellery such as zodiac pendants, shiv pendants, and cross pendants.

The possibilities are endless, and the designs are beautiful. All men have their own preferences when it comes to wearing jewellery. There are some who do not like adorning themselves with anything at all, but they still feel the need to look good and wear something that reflects their personality. For those kinds of guys, diamonds are a great choice. You can buy diamond pendants that reflect the personality of your beloved guy. Perrian has a wide range of pendants that are suitable for all men.

The most important thing when you buy a pendant from Perrian, it is a piece of jewellery, and you want it to look beautiful, so the shape and size of the pendant also play a role. You will have lots of options about shape and size. You can choose from a classic shape, an oval shape or even an elongated diamond shape. Not only that, but you can also have the chain length of the pendant sized to your preference. The pendants can be simple or more complex in design and style, depending on the person's preferences.

How To Purchase Diamond Pendants?

If you are looking to purchase a diamond pendant, one of the first things that you should consider is the diamond shape. If you are not sure what diamond shape you like, choose a round brilliant or princess shape, there are also many other types of diamond shapes that you can choose from. But round brilliant diamonds are by far the most popular diamond shapes.

Next, you need to decide on the index of your diamond pendant. An index is based on the cut of the diamond, which is related to how well it reflects light. The number one shape with the lightest reflection is an ideal choice for most people.

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