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A nose screw is one kind of nose ring that is used to be worn on the nose. In nose jewelry there are three types of nose rings like Nose screw, Nose Pins, Non-Piercing etc. And, Nose Screws are pin with screws on one side of the nosepiece to make them comfortable. They are adjusted to suit the nose by hammering them until they sit comfortably. Some people wear them as a fashion statement. 

Nose pins are small, ornamental accessories made of gold, silver or other precious metals and gems which are worn in the nostrils. This jewellery is widely used by Indian women as jewellery for their nose piercing.  Nose pins are categorized on the basis of their shape, design, metals and weight when women purchase nose pins they focus on design rather than weight.

Over time, they have come to be regarded as a sign of beauty and elegance. A nose stud screw is a classic example of finger jewellery. It goes with any type of outfit and can be worn all night long without harming the nose at all. 

At perrian, You will get a wide range of design in nose screw pins, nose pins and other. The nose stud comes in three main types – the screw type, the stick pin type and the ring type.

Nose Stud Screw

This section contains nose studs that come with a screw-tightening mechanism. You can tighten your nose stud by using a screw back; In screw back, you basically screw a threaded cap around the back of the nose stud to wear them on your nostril piercing. These studs are worn on nose piercing. It can be quite daunting to get the technique right to wear screw nose studs. We have an education page where you can learn about how to wear a nose screw ring the easiest way without hurt. 

Diamond Nose Screws

Diamond screw nose pin is one of the most popular types of nose pin and in the cluster diamond screw nose pin or single stud diamond nose screw pin is one of the major attractions and demands by women it gives fascinated looks. A screw nose pin is made of one large diamond or a single white diamond cut over different shapes of designs. The top of the nose pin may be studded with a diamond, these are known as nose pin studs, and they are designed to suit the requirements of the wearer.

There is now a platinum and gold diamond nose stud screw pin available at Perrian. Larger stud size diamond nose pins are worn by many celebrities on their wedding times or big bash parties along with sarees or ethnic wear to get eye-catching attractions because of larger stud diamond it perfectly looks awesome rather than awesome, We have smaller sizes also available 

You can explore over perrian many types of nose screw in shapes, colours and sizes with affordable prices options, Often white diamond clusters are set in with gold or platinum metals.

A nose stud is an important piece of jewellery. It is also available in many styles, which have various designs and shapes. They are designed with different cuts and shapes that make them stand out in the crowd.

Buy Nose Screws Online

Nose screws are available now online easily with affordable price and certified purity get, Screws nose pins are available to the consumer in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and online designs at Perrian.

A nose screw is a style accessory worn mostly by married women and young girls. Originally seen as a sign of marriage, they have more recently entered the wardrobes of young girls who are striving for an edgy look and want to add a sparkling rock to their noses. On Perrian.com, you can shop for gold diamond nose studs from the comfort of your home.