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Wedding Rings

If you're thinking about getting married, then you're probably also thinking about how to buy a wedding ring. You may not have something in mind just yet, or you may be looking for some wedding ring accessories to complement your purchase perrian is here for you to choose the best wedding ring to wear over bid days you have, Perrian has 35 years of experience and we designed a ring that perfect match with brides and we have both traditional and unique collections. You might want to have a wedding ring that symbolizes your love for each other. 

Also, another way to spice up your wedding ring is to add on some other jewellery such as diamonds or pearls. Our perrian collection of wedding rings might be what you are looking for. If you're going for something more extravagant, we have a wide range of accessories designed just for the bride and groom. If you want to be creative with your wedding ring, there are several things that you can do to make it a piece of art that everyone will admire and remember forever.

Bridal Wedding Ring Collection

When choosing your wedding ring, you may wish to take some inspiration from the wedding rings other couples are wearing, you can see images and videos over the internet and get inspired. Perrian's wedding ring collection can be purchased at an affordable price, which is why customers love to shop here. Likewise, you can get an engagement ring that matches your wedding band. Pick ring bands that are covered in diamonds or are made of gold, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold metals. Because of the internet, finding a wedding ring of your liking has become a lot easier.

Wedding Diamond Ring

The wedding collection at Perrian features a variety of diamond ring styles designs that can attach your feeling with a partner, And with a design that feels like you and your partner were made for one another and forever like diamonds. When buying a wedding ring, another factor to consider is the budget. A range of rings costs between INR 20,000 and INR 80,000. 

Choosing the right diamond carat is important when purchasing a wedding diamond ring, Diamond colour, carat and clarity are required to check. Perrian provides you with detailed information about wedding diamond metals purity, diamond carat details, and design in detail.

There are various types of diamonds that can be used in wedding rings. They include antiques, cushions, princesses, radiant and heart-shaped diamonds, etc. As for their price, the prices are based on the diamond's carat weight. The carat determines how big the diamond is in comparison to its weight, And want to know about the diamond cut and shapes visit our jewellery guide section.

Couple Wedding Ring

If buying rings for women is complicated, then go for a ring collection where you can get similar wedding rings for couples. Perrian offers a wide selection of couple's band rings, including gold, rose gold, and diamond rings, Choose based on your style and budget. There are a few couples of ring designs available which you can pick from different styles and designs like the infinity couple rings, the heart-shaped ring and or just different-shaped bands.

Additionally, you can design your own ring with an engraving or a design. Each ring can have the names on it engraved. A couple or pair of matching rings is an ideal way to start off your married life if you're not sure what type of rings to buy.

Wedding Ring Price In India

Wedding ring price in India depends on the ring design you select, the metals used, and the weight of the metal and diamond. An Indian ring begins at a price point of about Rs.20,000 and can go as high as Rs.1,40,000, but you can also choose a plain gold ring to keep the cost down. And, quality of the ring will also determine the price of the ring. You will probably pay less for the poor quality than the good one. Various wedding ring sizes can be found in Perrian.

A gold or platinum wedding ring is the most popular metal in India, so you can pick one made from these metals. Platinum rings are the costliest and Gold rings are affordable and most wearable ones. Alternatively, you can decide to make your rings more affordable or use rose gold. It's advisable to choose yellow gold because it matches better with most skin tones.

Wedding Ring Design 

The most popular design for wedding rings is an eternity ring and single solitaire diamond rings, which can take on a variety of styles and shapes, including bands, semicircles, and chevrons. Depending on your style, you can make your wedding rings unique to stand out from others. There are also some other designs you can choose from. For example, you can pick a Claddagh wedding ring, It's a Celtic design that represents friendship, love and loyalty.
Choose different colours of gold or silver for your wedding rings. Or you can pick a design based on a wedding jewellery theme. If you're wearing white gold then go for matching pearls or diamonds or If you're wearing yellow gold then the best choice is the blue sapphire.

You can get a ring with diamond accents, such as the three-stone ring, the solitaire design and the cluster design. You can also go for other gemstones such as garnet or sapphire. The more stones you add, the more expensive it gets. You can also get a much cheaper ring with gold accents, such as a simple design.

Wedding rings come in a variety of styles, The simplest piece of jewellery has a diamond in the middle. For some other designs, you can choose between antique designs and modern designs. There are also choices of settings. Such as the different styles of bands like beaded, channel set, and pave set.


Why Wedding Ring Worn On Left Hand?

A wedding ring is worn on the left hand because it has been thought to symbolize the relationship between the right side of our body which is controlled by our brain, and the left side of our body which controls feelings. People wear rings over the left hand's ring third finger because it is connected directly to the hard part of the hand.

How Much Wedding Ring Cost?

Generally, an Indian ring costs between ₹20,000 and ₹50'000. The price varies depending on the style and metal used for crafting the ring. If you want to purchase a finer ring, expect to pay anywhere from ₹20,000-₹2,00,000+, if not more.

How To Buy Wedding Ring?

Buying a wedding ring is a much more difficult task than it sounds. It's better to know what you want to buy, such as what metal and what style. That will make the buying process more smooth. To buy a wedding ring from Perrian Jewels.