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solitaire earring

solitaire earring

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Solitaire Earring

A solitaire earring is one single diamond that is set in earrings with different prong styles. Solitaire stud earrings are referred to as solitaire earrings by many jewellery experts. The solitaire earring is the finest jewellery staple that can dress up any outfit. Buying the right earrings for your face shape can make dressing up easy and fun.

At, we offer designer solitaire earrings in different diamond carats, cuts, and colors. It is one of our most versatile earrings and comes in different shapes like the princess cut, round cut, emerald cut, etc. mostly in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum metals.

A simple way to wear the solitaire diamond earring is to make sure that it matches your necklace, bangles, and ring. We have styles of earrings in which you can buy a matching pair or just get one for a casual look.

Either way, these solitaire earrings pair well with a lot of outfits (ethnic wear, office wear, and western wear) and suit almost all. And, the best part is, solitaire can be worn by both men and women, and it works well as an accessory when you are going around the town or even if you are going out for the evening with your friends or family members. There you will find other earring styles in our collection, which may include the halo earring, drop earrings, sui dhaga earrings, gold earrings, and more.

If we discuss the diamond cut in solitaire earrings, there is a princess cut-based diamond earring that can be worn usually. A round-cut diamond earring is also a favorite among women and is a very popular choice and can be worn every day. The emerald cut diamond earring is one of the oldest and most famous cuts that ladies easily fall in love with. It's a beautiful cut that gives off extra brilliance. If you want to buy a beautiful earring style that will get lots of compliments, then the solitaire earring is ideal for you.

Why do people wear solitaire earrings today?

There are multiple reasons people love to wear solitaire diamond-based earrings, Some wear them for fashion purposes, while others have a practical use for earrings. Most of the time, people have different reasons for wearing these earrings, and usually, they are both practical and fashionable. People will choose to wear a certain type of diamond cut depending on their face shape. When choosing this cut, you have to avoid anything that is too chunky or bulky because it will make your face seem heavy, which will not look pretty on you.

Besides choosing the diamond cut, there are other factors to consider before you buy solitaire earrings. Keep in mind that before purchasing a carat, the color, weight, and length of your earrings, check their weight. This type of earring looks best when it is worn on the top but not too heavy.

The price of the earrings is also a factor to consider because different people have different budgets.

The cost of solitaire earrings is determined by the carat diamond, cut, colour, and other metals used, such as yellow gold or platinum. You need to consider the price of the earrings and then decide whether you can afford them or not. Getting good quality, beautiful diamonds will cost you more money than buying the less expensive ones. When you buy something like a pair of solitaire earrings, it means that you are getting a very good quality product that is going to last for years to come.

Types of Solitaire Earrings

There are various types of solitaire earrings that arrive with beautiful designs and patterns.

Solitaire Stud Earrings

Solitaire studs are the quintessential accessory to the jewellery box and can be found on nearly every woman's ears. Since the 1950s, solitaire stud earrings have become an iconic piece of jewellery for women who want at least one piece with them. It looks perfect with a western dress and office outfits. If you look out, most celebrities wear stud earrings along with diamonds to look simple but attractive at event time. This is especially true for movie stars who want to be elegant yet glamorous, like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Solitaire Drop Earrings

Solitaire drop earrings are a type of earring that is ear-hugging from behind with only one stone centered perfectly in front and looks simple yet elegant. The diamond-based solitaire drop earring style is a completely timeless and classic one that can bring up personalities.

These classy pieces of jewellery feature fragile yet elegant gemstones, plus they're the perfect size to put on your earlobes. If you're tired of being restricted to over-the-top designs and want a more subdued look, this is the right choice for you.

Size and shape of a solitaire diamond

If you are looking for a breath-taking, jewellery piece to make a statement, look no further than solitaire earrings. The solitaire diamond earring is the ultimate jewellery staple that will never go out of style and can complement almost any outfit. Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes, including round, oval, pear-shaped, and marquise. Most of the definitions below have a check.

Round solitaire earrings

The shape of a solitaire earring will depend largely on the person's personal preference and the type of stone that is being set in the piece. The most popular style for a solitaire diamond earring is round, as it offers a look that can be timeless and sophisticated. These round solitaire diamond earrings often feature a large center stone, as well as prong settings all around for smaller stones. These earrings can be very delicate-looking and classy, but they are also quite extravagant.

Solitaire heart-shaped earring

The heart shape is another popular style for a solitaire diamond earring. This earring shape is more modern than the round solitaire diamond earring and offers an interesting twist to the classic design. However, it also looks delicate and beautiful and is ideal for people who want their jewellery to match their more feminine fashion sense. Of course, there are many more types of solitaire diamond earrings that can be made. They can feature all sorts of interesting designs, such as square solitaire diamond earrings, triangular solitaire diamond earrings, oval solitaire diamond earrings, etc.

Carat-Based Solitaire Earrings

When you go online shopping and are confused and unsure about diamond carat and diamond price, the perrian guide about diamond carat on the education page will provide you with all the information about diamond price, carat, and weight, among other things. Solitaire earrings basically come with 1 or 2 carats of diamonds (starting at 0.10 to 0.8 carat is much better for earrings and rings).

How Do You Work Out A Diamond's Carat Weight?

The purity of diamonds is measured by the carat weight, size, colour, cut, and body shape. Check out Perrian Education for all the details.

How Much Does A Carat Of Diamond Cost?

Normally, one carat of a diamond is worth tens of thousands of rupees, and solitaire earrings start at INR 85,000 and go up to INR 5,00,000. We have less than one carat of diamond available, which you can easily afford.