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diamond jhumka earring

diamond jhumka earring

( 8 Designs )

Diamond Jhumka Earring

Jhumka earrings are the most wearable ornaments earrings and jhumka are small bells that are a part of the traditional adornments worn by women in eastern India. They are usually worn on occasions like marriages and festivals by women of all ages. A jhumka is an Indian jewellery piece that typically consists of a single ornament, which can be made from metal, stone, and other materials. This creates an interesting style with a variety of unique designs and colors that are sure to suit any outfit or body type.

Jhumkas are a popular part of Indian jewellery. These designs usually have intricate details and are frequently made out of gold or silver. The designs can be elaborate or simple depending on the preferences of the wearer. The Jaipur jhumkas have different styles like plain, Kundan, diamond-studded, etc. The Kundan Jhumkas are made of nicely wrought and polished silver and gold metal. The Kundan-style jhumkas mostly look intricate and beautiful with the combination of small crystals and mirrorwork.

 It is used in many eastern states of India, especially West Bengal. Jhumka in Hindi means "small bell" and it is used as a part of Indian jewellery and clothing.

Types Of Jhumka Earrings For Women

Now you can buy jhumkas online in India from perrian. Choose from our wide range of designs, colors, and sizes to get the best jhumka. We offer jhumkas to suit you with different styles, patterns, and sizes. It is made of handcrafted silver and gold. These jhumkas are very unique and beautiful. They are made from semi-precious stones like beads, glass, etc. which are embedded in silver or gold plates. Indian jhumkas are known for their beautiful designs and great quality. Jhumkas are also a part of traditional Indian jewellery because they are worn over weddings and festival times.

These jhumkas or bali are made of pearls, beads, metal, or stone intertwined with each other to create a fancy design that looks attractive. This type of earring jhumki completely depends on how to wear it, like how women look better with ethnic outfits like saree and salwar kameez. Earring of jhumkas are mostly kept traditional for the bride but a design is available in all types from simple to modern one.

Kundan and some brides use western-style jhumkas as well. You can get one of these amazing jhumkas with amazing designs and pair it with your attire.

Gold Jhumka Earrings

Jhumkas have different shapes like plain, kundan, diamond-studded, etc. The designs of the jhumkas are mostly used traditionally. You can buy a gold jhumki and wear it on your ethnic outfit or on any other occasion. At Perrian, you can get the latest design jhumkas gold earrings with different gold karat and grams.

2 Grams Gold Jhumkas

It all starts with 2 grams gold jhumkas where you can get plain and simple designs. It will add a spark to your daily jewellery. You can wear it on an everyday basis to give a classic look. This 2 gram gold earring is available in different designs and patterns.

4 Grams Gold Jhumkas

4 Grams gold jhumkas bali earring comes with little bigger than 2 grams gold jhumkas where women get more design and layers of chains, weight and even carat. this 4 gram earring give perfectly ethnic looks over wedding visit time and women start to prefer earring from 4 grams for wedding purposes.

6 Grams Gold Jhumkas

Gold earrings with 6 grams of weight and in jhumka pattern design has to look similar a bell and diamond or Pearl fixed on it to get more sparking earring you will get without diamond and Perl based jhumkas earring as well, that is also available on This 6-gram-based jhumkas earring is mostly worn by bridal women during their wedding time along with gold sets like bangles, pendants, and gold tikka.

Antique Jhumkas

Jhumkas have been worn by ladies for approximately a thousand years, and antique-style jhumkas earrings are desired by women who appreciate old classic designs and desire a traditional look. This kind of jewel looks great with traditional outfits like saree, salwar kameez, etc. This Antique jhumka is available in different designs and styles. The jhumkas earring designs make you perfect in a crowd and give attention because of your popular earring styles.

Diamond Jhumkas

Diamond jhumka made through plain gold with the color yellow and rose one to get the most gesture and amazing look. used quality certified based diamond in jhumkas which gives the perfect finish and look. On perrian, multiple types of different diamond jhumkas are available perfect for a bride, gift to a sister, or mother, and for personal use.

Small and Big Jhumkas

Jhumki earrings! The jhumkas come in different shapes and sizes. There are various types of design earring jhumkas arrived as small jhumkas, big jhumkas, medium and even long ones, etc. They are made up of different materials. Jhumkas come in many sizes like two grams, four grams, six grams, and more. Smaller jhumkas are used for daily use while bigger jhumka can be worn on special occasions.

Big Jhumkas:

Big Jhumkas are based on weight and bulk design. There are 10gms, 12 gms, 14 gms, and 16gms available. A big jhumkas can be worn over ethnic wear. Typically this kind of big jhumkas is worn by northwest and western Indians like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab-based women.

Small Jhumkas:

Small jhumka earrings are considered by Indian women and love to wear while traditional occasions happen in the house or at wedding time. Small jhumkas are worn by ten out of eight women with ethnic wear. Small jhumkas with appealing designs are available in weights of 4 grammes, 6 grammes, 7 grammes, and 8 grammes.

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