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Mens Rings

Rings  are one of the most popular ornaments for both women and men. We offer a large variety of rings for men, suitable for engagement, weddings, anniversaries, and everyday wear, with options in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold metals as well as gemstone and diamond options. The different designs cater to the men's personal tastes and feelings.

Currently, the most used metal for men's rings is gold, and the most popular style for men's rings is the band. The contemporary band style generates a more sophisticated look. Some men's rings feature symbols and inscriptions that express their personalities. For example, some sports teams make customized rings for their fans and players in support of them.

Buy Designer Gold Men Rings From Perrian

At perrian, we have a wide range of men's rings to choose from, and we have affordable prices as well as multiple diamond options. You will find rings with messages engraved on them as well for that contact our customer support or live chat support for customized rings or jewellery. Our selection of rings design will certainly make your finger look great.

Buy your favorite style now and show it off to the world! Men's rings can express one's look in many ways, and it complements his style. From the simplest to the most complicated designs, men's rings have become an essential piece in every man's wardrobe.

For men, appearance is an essential factor that can make or break your personality. You can buy a diamond gold ring in many designs to make a statement and feel the best. Men's rings are available in different materials such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Types of Rings That Men Can Purchase Online Shopping

There are many different rings for men available in a variety of materials and styles, which you'll want to take into consideration before making a purchase. Some popular styles include diamond rings, engagement rings, anniversary rings, gold wedding ring, etc. One of the first considerations for gentlemen is deciding between a diamond or gemstone ring. Diamonds are traditionally thought to be more durable than gemstones.

The trend in men's ring fashion is the diamond ring and couple band. A variety of options are available for the band's design. It can be a plain band or have diamonds embedded into it. Compared to the diamond band, the plain band is more conventional.

Men's rings are no longer only made for special occasions, but they have become part of daily wear. The four most common occasions for men to wear rings are a wedding band, an anniversary ring, a graduation band, and a religious ring.

Engagement Gold Ring For Men 

Perrian has a good selection of engagement rings for men made of yellow gold and other metals such as platinum, silver, etc, and plus all these rings come with trendy designs. Men desire something special designed for their engagement time so that they can connect with their partners, thus we have engagement couple bands as an option, which are all the same design for engagement couples.

Gold engagement rings are highly regarded among families and men alike because of it's come from pure gold not a diamond or gemstone in it. Our 18k to 22k gold engagement rings come in a range of weights and designs.

Diamond Ring

Some people believe that women are the only ones who need diamond rings. Despite this, men can also make a fashion statement with a diamond ring. When men don't need a flashy ring but want to express their feelings for their fiancée, a diamond ring is a perfect choice. At perrian, you have to explore multiple types of designs of diamond rings available for men.

There are a lot of different styles and designs of diamond rings available for men. Generally, a man’s heart is melted by a simple ring made with diamonds.

Symbolizing unity, trust, and fidelity, a diamond ring represents these three things. It shows how sincere the commitment is between two people. The diamond ring expresses how much love is held for someone special in one's life. In short, it represents timeless love as has been cherished since as early as ancient times.

Wedding Ring

In India, in many parts of the area wedding time rings wear by men and give a gift ring to men also it is a considerably important part of wedding attire for men. It is often the last detail added to complete the ensemble, and it can be quite gorgeous or simple. The ring can be seen as a personal statement of taste since it is worn so prominently. The wedding rings for men are also called "wedding bands."

Men's wedding rings come in a variety of styles, so you will want to take into account your style and personality when selecting one. You should also consider the style of your partner's ring when purchasing yours, to avoid wearing two different styles at once for that go with a couple of bands.

Couple Gold Bands For Men

Nowadays, gold bands for men are quite popular. Men and women with similar band designs can give the impression that they were made for each other. The gold couple band is a timeless accessory that has been around for centuries. It's a very popular choice for men since it has a more masculine look and offers the durability required to last through any tough situation.

Platinum Ring 

A platinum wedding band is a great idea for a man because it's hypo-allergenic, tarnish resistant and won't scratch easily. As well as being daily wear, it is also very comfortable for wearing at night. It will always maintain its brilliance and lustre.

Platinum is more expensive than gold but the rare metal is not subject to the price fluctuations of gold. A platinum ring will hold its value over time. A platinum wedding band will never need to be polished or shined, so you can wear it with confidence wherever you go. A platinum ring doesn't need special care for everyday wear which means you can enjoy your ring without worrying about damage due to daily wear.

Men's Gold Ring Price & Weight 

In general, men's rings weigh between 3 grams and 9 grams. Though it also depends on the size of the finger and the type of design you choose. On Perrian, gold men rings start at INR 20,000 and go up to INR 4,00,000 depending on weight, diamond ct, and other metals.

Gold ring design for male under 10,000 is available but there are light weight and 10k of metal quality which comes delegate and cozy one. 

Product Purity (Karat) Price (in Rupees)
Halyn Diamond Couple Band 10k ₹ 10,706
Magical Modern Couple Band 10k ₹ 13,831
Twisting Couple Diamond Band 10k ₹ 16,667