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mukku pudaka

mukku pudaka

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Mukku Pudaka

Mukku Pudaka: South Indian Nose Pin Design

South Indian women are so much attached with gold jewellery and they love to express their culture and tradition through outfits, jewellery and languages. In south India nose pin called mukku pudaka and we are designed around more than 20+ mukku pudaka design for just south Indian women.

It can go from wedding outfits to bold statement pieces and can be matched with all types of Indian jewellery and traditional outfits. This diamond mukku pudaka nath is available in wide ranges and designs made from yellow gold and natural diamonds. 

Mukku pudaka is come in round design big and multi diamond along screw nose pin type that can easy to wear any shape of face nose pin.

Comes with gold finish offers a sophisticated touch while the sparkling diamonds provide eye-catching detail. 

From Kerala to Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Telagana, Andhra Pradesh all of these Indian states women wants mukku pudaka (nose ring) for wedding or special traditional festival and this nose ring will stand out them from the crowd.

Buy Gold Mukku Pudaka Online in India

It is a circular gold nose ring with an openwork design in the middle and a screw setting for safety. There are other types of setting also available even comes gold with diamond or just gold option available.

Buy Mukku Pudaka online in India and get it delivered to your doorstep with free shipping. We have a wide range of south Indian style nose rings from which you can choose one. You can choose from SOUTH SCREW NOSE PIN, KUSUM DIAMOND NOSEPIN, DEVYANI DIAMOND NOSE PIN, and many more to choose from.

A nose ring is a great way to add a statement to your look without compromising on style or comfortability. You can also pick a nose ring that matches your outfit or event theme. It's easy and fun!

Mukku Pudaka Price

South Indian nose pins (mukku pudaka) are available at a range of prices, depending on diamond pieces and design. They are often worn as bridal jewellery and make a great gift. 

South Indian nose pins are made of high-quality materials, such as precious stones and metals like pure 14-karat and 18-karat yellow gold. They come in a variety of designs and styles, making them suitable for any occasion. 

The prices for south Indian nose pins in India vary depending on the material used and the design of the pin. Additionally, the price will also be influenced by the size of the nose pin and how intricate the design is.

South Indian nose pins are an excellent way to jazz up your outfit and add a little extra beauty to your look. Whether you're wearing a south Indian saree or traditional lehenga, they can instantly add style and flair to your outfit. They are easy to wear and can be matched with any accessory or piece of jewellery with ease.

How to Choose the Right Nose Ring for Yourself?

Over perrian various designs available in diamond nose pin to choose from, so it is important to find the one that best suits your personal preferences and style. 

When choosing a mukku pudaka (south Indian nose ring) it is vital to consider the metal quality and diamond quality of the nose ring as this will impact the durability and appearance of the piece. 

Different metals include 14-karat gold nose mukku pudaka and 18-karat gold nose mukku pudaka with different diamond quality include:

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Colour









Each with its own unique properties and advantages. Some popular styles include circle nose rings, septum nose rings, non-piercing nose rings, etc. It is also vital to consider the design of the nose ring as there are many different types of designs to choose from.

Some popular styles include tribal nose rings, bow-shaped nose rings, and butterfly nose rings. This can help you find a nose ring that fits your personal style and preferences. 

As with any other accessory, it is important to consider the size of the nose ring when selecting one. Depending on your desired result, you can try smaller or bigger nose ring sizes to find one that best suits you.

Is South Indian Diamond Nose Rings (Mukku Pudaka) in Trend?

There is no doubt that nose rings are in. They have been trending for quite a while now and seem here to stay. Most people love the edgy look of nose rings, and they also help set off your nose perfectly. 

If you’re wondering which nose ring looks good on you, we’ve got some amazing images to help you decide. From traditional nose ring designs to contemporary ones, there is something for everyone.