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1 Gram Gold Couple Rings: The Trendy and Budget-Friendly Choice for Couples

1 Gram Gold Couple Rings

When thinking about diamond or gold ring purchase, first come in mind about weight and Indians are more conscious for weight, purity and design of gold jewellery.

Here you can see 1 gram gold couple rings designs that can best gift option on anniversary, birthday or any special occasions comes in couple life.

Apart from gold there are beautiful diamond ring designs available over perrian which you can buy it as per your requirement.

Couple band ring designs from daily wear events to romantic dates, they can be paired with any attire and look elegant and dashing.

They are also a great way to express your relationship status or commitment level with your partner.

What is the price of 1 gram gold couple rings?

Price of 1 gram of gold couple ring designs varies depending on the ring size, ring material, and design used. There are also various options available such as 18k gold fingers ring and 18k gold women’s finger rings.

Generally, the price of 1 gram gold couple rings ranges from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 40,000.

Get the Perfect Fit with 1gram Gold Couple Rings

This Collection of Couple rings is the perfect piece of jewellery for couples who want stylish and beautiful designs and plain bands to symbolize their love and commitment.

You can choose from a wide range of styles, sizes, and finishes to find the perfect simple gold ring for yourself and your partner. You can also consider a dazzling Diamond ring, a Dainty Sparkling Diamond Ring, a Dainty Butterfly Diamond Ring and promise rings or studs as an added touch to your Couple Wedding Rings.

When choosing a gold couple band ring, make sure it’s made from 22kt purity and weighs 1 to 12gm plus. This will ensure it’s durable and of high quality. Besides, you can also find matching Gorgeous Rings designs with prices to match your expectations. Get the perfect fit for you and your partner with 1-gram gold rings!

How to Measure Your Ring Size Accurately

Our Simple Gold rings are crafted from high-quality materials, so they should fit comfortably and securely on your finger.

To ensure a perfect fit, we recommend getting your ring professionally sized by a jewellers or purchasing a sizing tool to help you determine the correct size yourself. If you are not sure of your ring size, use the “Size Your Ring” tool on our website to help you find the right size.

This tool provides measurements for common finger sizes and can help you find the correct size easily. By following these tips, you can confidently wear a pair of 1-gram gold couple rings without worry or regret.

men ring size guider

Which types of 1 gram gold couple rings are best?

If you’re looking for designs of couple rings to add to your collection, consider purchasing a couple of rings with high-purity gold.

When choosing a style, Trendy jewellery styles will enhance the overall look and make the rings more visible. Additionally, consider Traditional gold jewellery rings featuring diamonds, pearls and other studs.

These elements can help create a unique and eye-catching look that is sure to draw attention. Additionally, compare prices of various styles and choose the one with the best features and price tag.

A list of gold couple rings weighing 1 gram can be found below:-

Round Classic Diamond Ring

The Round Classic Diamond Ring is an Exquisite piece of jewellery never goes out of style. That’s why we believe that a ring is an important part of every woman’s collection. With its round classic design, this diamond ring will make you look and feel gorgeous on any occasion.

Round Classic Diamond Ring | 1 Gram Gold Couple Rings

The delicate detailing and shiny finish add to its charm, making it perfect for everyday wear. Wear it alone or stack it with other rings from the same range to create a glamorous look that no one can miss!

Maria Diamond Ring

A classic style of jewellery is always attractive and goes with every outfit. But this Maria Diamond Ring with three stones look-alike diamonds makes a style statement of its own.

Maria Diamond Ring

Dazzling in looks, this ring truly elevates your fashion quotient! Flaunt it with confidence, and get noticed for your style savvy. Available in multiple sizes and with different colours, this ring will surely turn heads when you wear it. Not only is it beautiful but also durable too!

Circulo Diamond Engagement Ring

Circulo is a ring with an interesting design that will definitely impress your partner. Made from high-quality materials, this ring is durable and long-lasting. Its fancy design also makes it an eye-catching piece of jewellery.

Circulo Diamond Engagement Ring

The diamonds embedded in the ring add to its value and class, making it a perfect gift for her or him! You can never go wrong with circulo engagement rings. This gemstone adds glamour to any outfit, making you look like a million bucks!

Dual Tri Diamond Ring

Well, soon you’ll be able to flaunt that at work or out with friends. A dual Tri Diamond Ring is an elegant way to express your love for someone in a unique manner.

Dual Tri Diamond Ring

Crafted from precious metals, this ring looks beautiful on the hand and leaves everyone wondering about your style statement. Treat yourself or surprise him/her by getting it today!

Quality and Craftsmanship

There is a range of jewellery in 1-gram gold couple rings available for purchase on our website, each with its own unique jewellery design features and specifications. Some 1-gram gold couple rings may be made with a greater proportion of pure gold, while others may feature a more intricate design.

Regardless of the type of 1-gram gold couple ring you choose, there is sure to be one that fits your style and personality. Couple rings are available in various sizes and styles, from simple and elegant to those featuring intricate patterns.

Whether you’re looking for daily wear or special occasion jewellery, you can find the perfect 1-gram gold couple ring here at affordable prices.

Tips & Factors

When choosing a couple rings, it is essential to consider the purity and grade of the gold used. High-quality couple’s rings typically use 22k gold that is often considered the best quality but there are 18k and 14k are more in demand and pure as well.

Additionally, you must consider the gender of the wearer when selecting couple of rings. If you are planning to wear couple rings as a couple, make sure that you choose rings that suit both of your tastes and preferences.

Lastly, weight is another important factor to consider when shopping for couple rings. Whether you choose 1-gram or 2-gram couples rings, make sure you find one that fits your budget and personal style.


Are 1-gram gold couple rings a good investment?

Gold couple rings are a great investment if you’re looking for something that will hold its value, is portable, and doesn’t require maintenance.

Gold couple rings come in a variety of designs, weights, and purity levels, and can cost anywhere from ₹6,000 to up to lacs.

It’s important to note that the price of gold couple rings may fluctuate depending on the market conditions. However, as long as you know the risks associated with the purchase, gold couple rings can be a great investment option.