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Your Guide to Checking Hallmark on Gold: Best Tips and Techniques

Your Guide to Checking Hallmark on Gold: Tips and Techniques

Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It’s no surprise that people invest in gold jewellery, coins, and bars. But how can you be sure that the gold you own is genuine?

The answer is hallmarking. Hallmarking is an official mark stamped on gold that certifies its purity and authenticity. This process involves testing the metal for its purity and then stamping it with a hallmark to indicate its quality.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of checking hallmark on gold, including what it is, how it’s done, where it’s done, and why it’s important.

After reading this guide you will be able to understand the basics of hallmarking as well as check gold purity at home so that you can verify your gold’s authenticity without any hassle.

What is Hallmark Gold? – An Introduction

Hallmark Gold is a certification that guarantees the quality and purity of gold, regardless of its grade. It is only given by certified hallmarking centres, such as BIS in India. The hallmark also displays the centre’s identification number, ensuring quality and giving customers confidence when buying gold or gold jewellery.

It provides assurance that the piece has been tested and meets the required quality standards. When purchasing a piece of jewellery labelled as “Hallmark Gold,” it is important to verify the specific karat gold and ensure it aligns with your preferences and needs.

To provide assurance to consumers and maintain transparency, Hallmarked Gold jewellery bears a stamp or hallmark indicating its purity level. The most common gold purities found in jewellery are 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k gold with each karat representing a specific percentage of pure gold.

Choosing Hallmark Gold jewellery grants peace of mind to buyers, knowing that they are investing in genuine gold pieces crafted with precision and expertise rather than fake gold jewellery.

The Process of Hallmarking Gold Jewellery

Your Guide to Checking Hallmark on Gold: Tips and Techniques

The process of hallmarking gold jewellery involves several steps to ensure its authenticity, purity, and compliance with industry standards.

The process of hallmarking gold jewellery starts with detailed testing and certification to verify the gold’s authenticity and purity. This crucial step ensures that customers receive only pure real gold jewellery.

After that, an intense assay test is done that determines gold value, fineness, and purity, at the end of the process hallmark stamps are applied on the backside of the jewellery through laser based on test results. This method confirms the quality of gold jewellery and assures customers of their purchase’s authenticity.

Where is Gold Hallmarking Done?

Gold hallmarking is conducted by government-authorized independent centres called Assaying and Hallmarking Centres (AHCs), which are licensed and monitored by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).

They test and verify gold purity and apply a hallmark stamp to indicate its quality. After the hallmarking process is complete, the jewellery is returned to the manufacturer or jeweller to be sold to customers with the assurance of its quality and authenticity.

With over 900 licensed AHCs across India, they form the foundation of all gold hallmarking processes. It is recommended that consumers look for jewellery that carries a reputable hallmark from an accredited assay office or hallmarking centre.

What is a BIS-Certified Gold Coin?

BIS-certified gold coins are those that have been verified and certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards, a national organization responsible for setting standards and an authorized body in India responsible for setting and maintaining quality standards for various metals, including gold.

These coins are made with pure 24-karat gold and carry a hallmark to signify their authenticity and purity, which is beneficial for buyers who want to ensure they are purchasing genuine gold. When a gold coin is BIS-certified, it means that it has undergone rigorous testing and meets the specified purity standards set by the BIS.

How to Test Gold at Home

When it comes to checking the purity and authenticity of your precious metal piece or checking hallmark on gold, there are multiple methods available in India. One such technique is looking for a hallmark stamped on your piece of jewellery indicating its purity level.

You can also test it at home using alternative approaches like acid testing (with nitric acid), magnet test (real gold isn’t magnetic) or density measurement (by weighing & measuring its volume).

However, consulting an experienced jeweller or an app can yield more precise results and estimates regarding the quality and value of your item.

Letter Markings

Gold jewellery pieces often contain letter markings that indicate their purity. These markings can be found in different forms – 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k being the most common ones.

Well, 24k gold is the purest form which is a very soft metal to use for jewellery. They represent that the item is made from real gold and not any other metal or alloy.

Checking hallmark on gold jewellery can also show its manufacturer or designer. A keen inspection of these markings with a magnifying glass or loupe ensures authenticity while buying such pieces of jewellery.

However, it’s important to be cautious while doing so because some counterfeit items might have fake hallmarks stamped on them.

Weight and Size

To determine if your gold item is genuine, you need to consider its weight and size. Remember that a small, lightweight piece may not have enough gold content to be valuable.

To verify its authenticity, use a digital scale and ensure that the weight matches up with its markings and certificate.

Measuring the dimensions of the piece can also help identify if it’s real gold or not. By doing this simple test at home, you can easily identify fake gold and avoid getting ripped off.

The Skin Test

If you want to find out whether your gold item is genuine or not, you can try the Skin Test. Simply rub the jewellery piece against your skin to see if it leaves any green or black marks.

This method is not completely reliable on its own but can be combined with other tests like the magnet or acid test to identify the purity of your gold.

You can also get your gold jewellery hallmarked by a BIS-certified jeweller in India. This certificate attests that your item meets the fineness and purity standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

The Float Test

To assess the purity of gold jewellery in the comfort of your own home without professional assistance, you can make use of the float test. Simply drop your gold item into a container filled with water.

If it sinks to the bottom then it is made of pure real gold and if it’s floating or sinking slowly with impurities that indicate lower purity or even fake gold.

It’s important to remember that this test is not foolproof and should be used alongside other tests for verification.

The Magnet Test

To verify the purity and authenticity of your gold jewellery other than bis hallmarking one can use the magnet test at home. A strong magnet can be used to check whether the jewellery is pure or not. Genuine gold isn’t magnetic; hence it shouldn’t stick to the magnet.

However, this method can’t be relied on entirely as some counterfeiters produce non-magnetic alloys of precious metals too. In case of doubt, it’s advised to consult a professional jeweller or an assaying centre before making any purchase decisions.


What are the components of BIS-certified gold?

To be BIS-certified, gold must have a purity of at least 14 karats and bear a hallmark with the BIS logo, assaying the centre’s mark, fineness number, and year of marking. Additionally, it undergoes rigorous testing for quality and purity before certification to ensure its authenticity.

What is the Importance of Hallmark Certification?

Hallmark certification is crucial for verifying the purity and quality of gold, providing confidence to both buyers and sellers. It also aids in determining the true value of gold, making it essential to check for certification before any transaction.


Hallmarking is a crucial process that determines the purity and authenticity of gold jewellery. It ensures that you are getting what you paid for and protects consumers from fraud. By understanding Checking Hallmark on Gold, you can make informed decisions when buying gold jewellery. Whether you buy it online or from a physical store, always look for the hallmark sign and BIS certification mark on your gold jewellery.