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Couple Engagement Ring: Which Hand is Correct?

Couple Engagement Ring Which hand is correct

The couple engagement ring is a significant part of the marriage ceremony, and it has been so since ancient times. Wearing the engagement ring was once associated with the bride and the dowry that she received. Nowadays, the engagement ring has evolved into a romantic symbol.

It now stands as the ultimate symbol of marriage, symbolising commitment and devotion towards the beloved partner. The circular shape of the engagement ring denotes eternity and infinity, without any beginning or end.

It is just like the feelings of love and devotion for the partner meant to be. Hence, the engagement ring is a universal symbol of eternal love, togetherness, and faithfulness that makes the union of marriage perfect in its own way.

The Engagement Ring and Its Meaning in History and the Modern-Day

The meaning and importance of the couple’s engagement ring have constantly evolved throughout history. According to ancient beliefs, an engagement ring is worn on the ring finger. This finger had a vein called “vena amoris, ” directly connecting it to the heart. Hence, the man used to put the ring on his fiancé’s left-hand ring finger.

The left hand was chosen as it was closer to the heart. In this way, wearing the couple’s engagement ring on this hand and finger led to an eternal connection and infinite love between the would-be wedded couples.

Records show that during the Middle Ages, men offered engagement rings to women as a symbolic promise of marriage. The act of gifting an engagement ring to a woman was taken seriously.

Women were categorically forbidden to wear any ring for any other reason. Eventually, a time came when the concept of twin rings started to grow in popularity. It included a pair of engagement rings worn by the man and the woman.

The man used to wear his ring up until the event of the wedding and then handed it over to his wife so that she could adorn it as the wedding ring.

Over the years, the engagement ring has become one lasting symbol associated with the act of marriage. It is now an official proclamation or announcement of the wedding. It is the woman who wears an engagement ring, and the man buys it for her.

Why Wear Ring On Right Hand?

Many people wonder about which couple ring to wear and on which hand. Several countries have a long tradition of wearing the couple’s engagement ring on the ring finger of one’s left hand. However, in countries like India, Norway, Spain, Germany, and Russia, it is traditionally more common to wear the couple’s engagement ring on the right-hand ring finger.

right hand for couple engagement ring | Couple Engagement Ring Which hand is correct

It has always been the cultural norms and traditions that define which hand should be used to wear the engagement ring.

One of the reasons why the couple’s engagement ring is worn on the right-hand ring finger in India is that the left hand is considered unclean and used for personal hygiene purposes.

Thus, the right hand is suitable for eating, shaking hands, and doing things associated with positivity. Hence, couples wear engagement rings on their right hands.

Why not go together as a couple for couple rings?

Couple rings are considered a modern concept different from a traditional engagement ring. A couple may choose couple rings if they decide to express their love and bonding for one another.

Wearing couple rings can be a good way of celebrating all the special moments the two people in the relationship have shared in the past. Couple rings are a step between the stages of dating and engagement. On the other hand, the engagement ring is a symbol that is essentially related to marriage.

It is quite a common practice these days to go to a ring-designing store and buy a couple of rings together. Perhaps, it is a great way to make a decision together that can bring the couple closer to each other.

It is not just the couple’s rings for which the couple can go together to buy the rings. These days, many couples even do the same when planning on buying engagement rings.

Buying engagement rings together is a great idea as there is no surprise in this sphere. Many a time, the would-be husband remains worried about whether the ring he chooses for his bride-to-be will be loved by her or not.

When the couple chooses to do engagement ring shopping together, they can jointly decide which ring is best for them as a couple. It can be a great way to enhance intimacy between the two partners.

A couple can shop online from a reputable jewellery site like Perrian. Since Perrian has a nice collection of meticulously crafted engagement rings for couples’ hands, it only makes sense to buy online at Perrian.

Design of Gold Couple Rings for Engagement

The designs of the gold couple rings for engagement found in India vary greatly. It means that couples have plenty of great options to choose from. Gold couple rings can be made in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold and in some cases, an engagement ring may include multiple types of gold neatly combined. Most people prefer to have gold engagement rings adorned with diamonds.

Design of Gold Couple Rings for Engagement

Some of the most popular designs of gold engagement rings offered at Perrian include the Cachet wedding ring, Jael Diamond wedding band, Saba diamond stone wedding ring, Cluster Plain diamond ring, and Square couple band rings.

Gold and diamond couple ring designs are designed with great details that make them stand out. The gold couple rings symbolize the love and bond that the couple shares so that they can begin a lifetime of togetherness.

Price of Couple Engagement Rings

The price of the couple’s engagement rings depends on the type of ring that one chooses. If you go for a diamond ring, the carat, clarity, cut, and colour of the diamonds are the factors to be considered. On the other hand, if you go for a gold engagement ring, you need to think about the gold karat, design, and weight of the ring. Usually, the 18K and 22K variants are used to make the engagement rings. It depends on the weight of the ring, the price is decided upon.

Usually, the gold engagement rings consist of gold anywhere between 2 grams and 10 grams. In India, the solitaire diamond rings always enjoy extensive popularity. These rings have one single diamond, with three additional diamonds set in white gold or yellow gold. The price of engagement rings can start from Rs 20,000 and then go up to about Rs 4,00,000 depending on the materials used.