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An Overview of the Major Differences Between Nose Pin and Nose Ring

Differences Between Nose Pin and Nose Ring

Nose piercing symbolizes womanhood, elegance and even a sense of rebellion. The tradition of nose piercing originated in the Middle East and indigenous cultures of South and Central America, Central Asia and Australia.

The nose-piercing rituals were introduced much later in India. The styles and positions of the piercing vary across several countries. Left or right nostrils, middle position of the nostril, nose studs, diamond nose pins and heavy hoops are much in trend. However, what remains constant, is the enduring allure of the adorned nose as an object of beauty.

In This Article

Nose Pins

Naak ki keel, Naak chaabi, Mookuthi, Nath, and Laung – nose pins are addressed by different names. This one piece of ornament is perhaps the most underrated accessory of all but adds grace to your face.

This versatile piece of jewellery can be an excellent form of self-expression. The most popular type of nose pin includes nose studs made of high-quality metal like 14K or 18K gold, diamond or Titanium.

What’s A Difference Points In Nose Pins?

  • Straight end
  • Ball end
  • L bent
  • Screw end
  • Fishtail

These nose pins have the potential to be your style staple. You may pick any of these styles depending on your face type. Some can be understated designs while others can be bold and beautiful.

Nose Rings

In some parts of the world, the tradition of wearing nose rings has been practiced for thousands of years for aesthetic and symbolic purposes. An increasing number of people are adopting nose piercing culture, as wearing nose rings is becoming more mainstream.

From unruly and non-conforming to exotic and appealing, nose rings express your personality and the type of ring you choose speaks more about your personal preferences and lifestyle.

Nose rings can be styled in different ways

  • Nostril
  • Septum
  • High nostril
  • Bridge piercing
  • Rhino piercing
  • Nasallang piercing
  • Austin bar

Nose rings can be worn in different parts of the body. However, septum piercing is the most popular style to wear a nose ring.

You may choose to go with a simple septum ring, captive bead rings, circular barbells or any other elaborated designs. In earlier days, nose rings signified the social and economical status of women belonging to wealthy families.

Make sure not to use a nose ring smaller than recommended by the piercer, as there is a risk of rejection, tearing and migration.

Core differences between nose pin and nose ring:


Nose pins are simple straight pins with a twisted end for the users. Nose pins have to be customized before wearing them.

While nose rings come with a curved circular shape that a woman just has to wear on her nose. A nose ring also known as NATH is a hoop ring. It is usually worn by women on any occasion.


In a jewellery material is much important matter and when women want something authentic and real gold jewellery gold material always prefer. And, Nose pins are made of silver, gold, platinum. But, In India women only prefer yellow gold 10k to 18k pure range material.

Just like nose pin some nose rings are quite possible to be made of silver, gold and platinum, But women always prefer 18k yellow gold material.


Nose pins are simple and sleek and do not have any attachments like single or double chains and can be worn regularly without any problem.

Nose rings come with attachments like single or double chains, especially to wear on occasions and events. Although nowadays, women wear nose rings to mark a style statement, however, nose rings are meant to be worn on special occasions like marriage ceremonies or other functions.

Face type

Face shapes are majorly affected while intent to buy gold or diamond nose pins, there are multiple types of face shapes comes as oval, round, square and more we cover in detail about face-shaped nose pin collection.

Best Nose Pin Design Based on Face Shape

Majorly women’s faces are oval and round face shape and there is a single diamond nose pin that looks good over perrian “June Dazzle Diamond Nosepin” available that costs rupees ₹3905 approx *(price slides up and down depending on gold price).

Also, there are nose rings can be worn on any type of face – be it round, oval, or long.

Types of Nose shape:

The shape of the nose has the second greatest impact on the appearance after the face. The nose pins are best suited to those whose noses are slim and narrow.  

And, the nose rings suit a face with the shape of the nose, which gives an attractive and charming look.

Here are some lines describing the types of nose shapes shown in the image:

  1. Roman: A prominent nose with a slight curve or bump on the bridge, giving it a distinguished profile.
  2. Nubian: A broader nose with a wider base and nostrils, characterized by its smooth, rounded shape.
  3. Straight: A classic nose shape with a straight bridge from top to bottom, often considered aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Crooked: A nose with a noticeable bend or deviation in the bridge, giving it a unique character.
  5. Fleshy: A larger nose with thicker skin and a more rounded tip, often appearing fuller overall.
  6. Button: A small, cute nose with a slightly upturned tip, resembling a button in its compact shape.
  7. Hawk: A strong, angular nose with a pronounced bridge that curves downward, reminiscent of a bird of prey’s beak.
  8. Snub: A petite nose with a slightly upturned tip and a shorter bridge, giving a youthful appearance.
  9. Big: A larger nose that stands out as a prominent facial feature, often with a wide bridge and nostrils.

Each nose shape is unique and contributes to an individual’s distinct facial characteristics and overall appearance.

Other factors to consider when deciding between Gold Nose Pins and Nose Rings


India is a multi-cultured country and state based on different types of rituals and traditional looks that appear in a nose pin and nose ring there women can buy based on that too like Marathi nose pin, south indian nose pin, Punjabi nose pin and Rajasthani nose pins. , Perrian is the only website where you will buy region and cast-based gold nose pins and other gold or diamond jewellery.

Nose pins can be flower-shaped, stud nose pins, diamond nose pins, oxidized or Kundan nose pins. They are perfect for women who have not fit in the regular barbell lengths.

Some popular shapes of nose rings are stud nose rings, barbell nose rings, hoops, and a fishtail nose ring.


In India, some multiple occasions and festivals occur throughout the whole year like Holi, Diwali, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi and Navaratri, and on all these occasions or in-house occasions like weddings, engagements, and anniversaries, women will put on gold jewellery and a nose pin to be the focal point of their jewellery in addition to pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets.

Simple and comfortable nose pins can be worn daily while formal and designer nose pins are typically worn at important functions and festivals.

Nose rings are worn on occasions like marriage ceremonies and cultural and devotional functions.


Most nose pins are shaped in a way that allows them to stay in without a backing like earrings use. And, twisted, screw nose pin most wearable nose pin in traditional women and modern women wearing non-piercing nose pin.

While nose rings are partial hoops with a flat disc on the end to prevent complete rotation of the piece.


Nose pins have always enjoyed a position. Although nose pins can be worn on the left side or right side of the nose, Vedas says women should wear nose pins on the left side as it is connected to the reproductive system.

There are lots of nerves close to the opening of the nostrils. Ayurveda states that these nerves are stimulated when the left side of the nose is pierced. It is believed to make the uterus healthier and ease menstrual cramps and even labour pain.

Nose rings can be worn on the left or right side of the nose as well as in the middle position of the nose like the simple septum ring.

Cost Consideration:

There are no major differences between nose pins and nose rings in terms of cost. However, it is worth investing in high-quality 10k,14K and 18k gold or diamond nose pins or nose rings. And price is define based on weight, diamond ct mostly in India. If you want to buy any designer collection nose pin then price will be more.

18k yellow gold nose pin price start Rs 3500/- without diamond and with diamond nose pin price start Rs 5000/

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Wrapping up!

Choosing jewellery that resonates with your style is as important as the design. They are the natural extension of your personal style that never fails to make you beam with happiness when you adorn it.

In today’s world, nose piercing and wearing a nose pin or nose ring has become a matter of personal choice and an urge to make a new style statement.