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Engagement Ring Meaning & Buying Guide

Engagement ring meaning Guide | diamond engagement ring

What does an engagement ring mean? Is it really worth spending thousands of dollars on a diamond ring? And what are some of the most popular types of rings? Take a look at our guide to find out!

There’s no doubt that engagement rings have been around for centuries, but their modern-day form didn’t emerge until the 19th century. In 1477, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria first used a diamond ring to signify his engagement to Mary of Burgundy at the imperial court of Vienna. A couple’s engagement ring was worn on this finger as a symbol of their love and the happiness they had together.

What is an Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is a symbol of commitment, love, and devotion. It’s not just for women; men can also wear them too. The idea of giving someone you care about a beautiful piece of jewellery that represents your feelings for her or him is something that has been around since ancient times. In fact, in many cultures, this type of gift was considered a sign of good luck and prosperity.

The history of engagement rings dates back to the Middle Ages when they were first used as symbols of betrothal. They were made from gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals. Today, however, people often choose to use diamonds because they represent purity, eternity, and everlasting love. Diamonds are also one of the hardest materials on Earth, so they last forever.

The Difference Between An Engagement Ring And A Wedding Ring

In the past, if two people wanted to get married, they would exchange wedding bands on the wedding day instead of getting an engagement ring. This tradition came from the belief that marriage should be kept secret until after the wedding ceremony. However, today, we live in a different world where couples want to share their relationship with everyone and want to get engaged before getting married. That’s why engagement rings are now more common than wedding bands.

The main difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring is an engagement ring is given as an offer to marry or when a couple decides to get married. A wedding ring represents the official bond of marriage and is exchanged during the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom often wear both rings together to symbolize their love.

Types of Engagement Ring Styles

Today, there are plenty of different styles of engagement rings available. You can choose from classic, old-fashioned, vintage, contemporary, or even unique designs. Here are some of the examples from where you can buy one for yourself and your loved ones:

Couple Bands:

Engagement ring guide | Couples band | engagement ring
White gold couples band

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, couple bands are the most famous option out there. It has a simple design with two bands made with small diamonds set in a band. Couple bands are usually sold individually, although sometimes they come in sets. These rings are perfect for those who don’t want to spend much money on their engagement ring but also who want a matching engagement ring.

Colored diamond:

Engagement ring guide | gemstone ring
Coloured gemstone ring

If you prefer a coloured diamond engagement ring, then you will find options like yellow, blue, pink, green, orange, red, brown, black, white, and grey diamonds. Coloured diamonds are very popular these days because they look great against any skin tone. If you have fair skin, then you might want to consider a light shade of colours, such as champagne or blush. Try a dark shade such as burgundy or navy for darker skin tones.

Halo setting ring:

Engagement ring guide | Halo setting engagement ring
Halo engagement ring

It has been the most popular engagement ring for quite some time. It is a ring with one centre stone and small diamonds surrounding the centre stone. The central diamond can be any shape of a diamond. Halo rings are commonly worn by celebrities and models. If you want something similar to this style, then you can go for a halo ring.

Pavé setting:

Engagement ring guide | Pave setting ring
Pave setting ring

Pave setting rings mean a ring with small diamonds on the shank of the ring. Pavé setting rings are extremely popular among women because they make the ring stand out. They are especially good for those who want to show off their personality through their engagement ring. Some pavé settings include a mix of round and square diamonds. If you are looking for such a ring, then you can check out our selection of pavé engagement rings here.

Side Stones:

Engagement ring guide | Side stone ring
Side stone ring

A side stone engagement ring means a ring with a single stone placed in the middle and small stones set beside it. Side stones are trendy because they give the appearance of being bigger than what they actually are. If you want to add some sparkle to your engagement ring, you can choose from many different types of side stones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, and more. You can even opt for a combination of multiple stones.


Engagement ring guide | Solitaire diamond ring
Solitaire diamond ring

Now, one of the most famous rings used for an engagement ring is called a solitaire ring. This type of ring consists of just one large centre diamond on the band. Solitaire rings are considered to be the ultimate ring because they are so beautiful and classy. Solitaire rings are often associated with love and romance. If you want to get a solitaire ring, you should definitely check out our collection here. And the solitaire ring is the best option to propose to your girlfriend for marrying you and spending your whole life together.


Engagement ring guide | Three stone diamond ring
Three-stone diamond ring

The three-stone engagement ring consists of three small diamonds set in a row. However, they still look amazing. When buying a three-stone engagement ring, you need to keep certain things in mind. First, you must know how big each of the stones should be.


Engagement ring guide | vintage ring
Vintage diamond ring

Another kind of engagement ring is vintage jewellery. Vintage engagement rings are made using old designs and styles. These rings are usually very expensive but also very unique. You can find antique engagement rings online at affordable prices.

Which type of metal should you choose for your Engagement Ring?

You may wonder which metal is better for engagement rings. There are two kinds of metals used for making engagement rings. One is gold, and the other is platinum. Both of them are equally good when it comes to choosing a material for your engagement ring. But there are slight differences between these two materials. Gold is generally preferred over platinum because it is softer and easier to work with. On the other hand, platinum is harder and very expensive than gold. So if you are interested in getting a high-quality engagement ring at an affordable price, then gold is perfect. 

However, there are also some types of gold from which you can choose, such as a different gold karat and a different gold colour that we’ll explain below. 

Gold Karats

Gold has been divided into various karats depending on its purity. The higher the karat number, the purer the gold. Karat numbers start from 10k down to 24k gold. The lower the karat number, therefore, the less pure the metal. For example, 18k gold is almost twice as valuable as 14k gold. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, you can choose a cheaper gold like 14k or 16k.

14k gold:

This is the standard gold karat. It’s mostly used by jewellers. It was not too expensive, but it didn’t cost much either. It’s a good option for people who don’t want to spend a lot on their engagement ring. 

18k gold:

This gold karat is slightly more expensive than 14k gold. It’s mainly used for wedding bands. It costs around $50-$100 more than 14k gold. 18k gold is a great choice for people who want to buy a beautiful and pure engagement ring. 

22k gold:

This is the highest quality of gold available today. It’s the most popular gold karat among celebrities. 22k gold is the best choice for people who want something extra special. But it is also one of the softest metals as compared with 18k and 14k.

Gold Alloy

It is a mixture of two or more metals mixed together with gold. Alloyed metals are usually stronger than single metals. They are also more durable. Some common alloys include silver, copper, nickel, palladium, titanium, etc.

White gold:

White gold is a combination of yellow gold and white metal. White gold is a blend of yellow gold and white metals. A white gold engagement ring is considered to be the most luxurious form of gold. Because of its whiteness, it looks very elegant. 

Rose gold:

Rose gold is another form of white gold that contains rose-coloured metals. Rose gold is very similar to white gold except that it contains pinkish colours instead of white ones. It was a bit less expensive than white gold.

Yellow gold:

Yellow gold is made up of pure gold metals. Yellow gold is the most used metal for an engagement ring. It is less expensive than white gold but more expensive than rose gold. It is a very hard and shiny metal.

Other Metals

These are some of the other metals you can use for your engagement ring. You can also choose to have a wedding band made from one of these materials as well. Here are other metals used for engagement rings including;


The main reason why people prefer platinum or palladium is that it looks more expensive. Platinum and palladium are both white in colour, but they look different. The price difference between them is quite big. Palladium is cheaper than platinum. However, platinum is much harder to work with. It’s not easy to cut platinum into intricate shapes. If you want a simple setting, then you should go for platinum.

Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver is another popular choice among men who like to wear their engagement rings every day. Sterling silver has a beautiful shine and a soft feel. It’s very affordable too. There are many designs available in sterling silver.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is a great material to wear on an everyday basis. It doesn’t need any special care. It’s also resistant to corrosion. This makes it perfect for daily wear. It comes in various colours and styles.


How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?

The average amount spent on an engagement ring varies from person to person. However, experts say that the average spending should be about $2,000. If you are looking for a cheap engagement ring, you can go for a ring costing less than $1,000. But if you are planning to get a high-end engagement ring, then you need to spend around $3,000. 

What is the best diamond cut for an engagement ring?

If you are looking for a perfect diamond cut for your dream ring, you will definitely find many options. You can choose three main cuts: round, emerald, and pear-shaped. Round diamonds are the most expensive, while emerald cut rings are the least expensive.