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Evil Eye Rakhi Set: Send Rakhi Gifts Online

Evil Eye Rakhi Set: Send Rakhi Gifts Online

Rakhi is a special occasion in Indian culture celebrated in August month. The festival marks brotherhood, devotion, and love among brothers. On this day, sisters tie rakhis (tied threads) on their brothers’ wrists to wish them good health, long life, prosperity, etc. This thread symbolizes the bond between brothers and sisters. The best way to celebrate this auspicious occasion is by gifting your loved ones with beautiful rakhi gifts. We have selected some unique Rakhi gift ideas that will surely make your brother or sister feel special on this auspicious occasion.

You can choose from many different rakhi designs, including; the Evil eye rakhi, Cartoon Rakhi, Flower Rakhis, alphabet rakhi, etc. If you are looking for a unique and beautiful rakhi, look no further. We have a wide range of colorful, attractive, and stylish designs that can suit your personality and style perfectly.

Below are some of the best Rakhi sets and Raksha Bandhan gifts for Raksha Bandhan that can be delivered online. You can also buy these rakhi sets at our online store.

Choose From a Wide Range of Rakhi Designs That Your Brother Would Love

We have a wide selection of rakhi designs which you can select according to your choice. These rakhi designs are available in various patterns, so you can find one that suits your personality and style. If you are looking for something more personal and creative than just a regular rakhi, we have a wide variety of personalized rakhi designs that you can send as gifts to your loved ones.

We offer a wide variety of rakhi sets which include;

Buy Cartoon Rakhi for your Brother

Evil Eye Rakhi Set | Send Rakhi Gifts Online

Cartoon rakhi is very popular amongst kids and teenagers. They like it because it has cartoon characters printed on it. So if you want to surprise your brother with a cute rakhi, you should go for Teddy Cartoon Rakhi. This rakhi is made with bright colours and cartoon characters. It looks really adorable and makes a great birthday present for him.

If you want to give your brother a unique rakhi, then Cartoon Rakhi is the perfect option. It is designed with unique characters and comes in various colours. If you are planning to buy a rakhi set for your brother, then you should check out our collection of Cartoon Rakhi.

What other thing can you gift your brother with this cute adorable rakhi? We’ll discuss this later.

Buy Evil Eye Rakhi for your Brother

Evil Eye Rakhi Set | Send Rakhi Gifts Online

The evil eye rakhi is another favourite amongst boys. It is said that wearing this rakhi protects you from all kinds of evils eye. It wards off negative energy and brings positive luck. So if you want your brother to get rid of all the bad things in life, then make sure he wears this rakhi.

The rakhi is worn by men and women alike and comes in a wide variety, including heart shape evil eye, pearl evil eye rakhi, black beaded evil eye rakhi, etc. There are many designs available in evil eye rakhi from you can choose one.

So, if you want to surprise him with a special gift for Raksha Bandhan, you should choose from our wide range of evil eye Rakhi Sets.

Buy Religious Gold Rakhi

Evil Eye Rakhi Set | Send Rakhi Gifts Online

Religious gold rakhi is the most beautiful rakhi ever for all ages. It is made with pure gold charm and red and yellow thread, which gives it a golden glow. It is also called Golden Rakhi. Religious rakhi made up of gold has a design of religious signs such as Baal Ganesha, Shree, Baal hanuman, etc. It is trendy among men. They like to wear it on their hands and wrists. This rakhi looks nice on both adults and children.

Gold rakhi is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. So if you want to show your brother how much you care about him, you can send him a gold rakhi. He will feel special and loved.

What Other Thing You Should Gift Along With Rakhi?

There is an Indian ritual of giving something sweet to your brother when you celebrate Raksha Bandhan. You can choose from different sweets such as chocolates, dry fruits, cakes, cookies, etc. We have listed some of the sweets and gifts from where you can choose any item to make a moment special. Sweets and gifts are traditionally given during celebrations and festivals in India.

Send Rakhi With Dry Sweets

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated all over India. People celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. On this day people exchange gifts and eat sweets. You can send him some sweets and religious gold rakhi if you want to give him something more than just a rakhi. There are many Indian sweets available that you can send him, including gulab jamun, Kaju katli, jalebi, halwa, laddoos, etc.

Send Rakhi With Dry Fruits

Dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, pistachios, etc., are good for health. And they taste fantastic too! So if you want to send your brother a tasty yet healthy Rakhi gift combo, you can send him dry fruit along with it. You can also add some nuts or cashew pieces in a box with the rakhi. It will look even better.

You can also mix different dry fruits in a bowl and place them inside a small box. Then wrap the box with colourful paper and tie it up with a string. Now you can send this rakhi along with dry fruits.

Send Rakhi With Chocolates

Chocolate is an excellent gift for any occasion but especially for Raksha Bandhan. It is sweet and delicious and tastes amazing when eaten together with rakhi. So why not send chocolates along with your rakhi? Your brother will love it.

If you are sending rakhi to someone who loves sweets, then chocolate is the right gift for him/her. Chocolate is a healthy treat and is known to improve memory power. So, if you want to send a delicious and healthy gift to your brother, then send him chocolates along with his rakhi.

Return Gift for Sister on Rakhi- The Perfect Combo for Celebrating Raksha Bandhan!

So, after the ritual of tieing the rakhi is done, there is one more ritual in which the brother gives something to her sister. This time he has to give a return gift to sister. When you buy something for your sister or any other girl in the world, it can be the most challenging task. But now we have come up with a solution for you.

We have created a little collection of return gifts for sisters for this Raksha Bandhan. From jewellery to clothes, shoes, bags and much more. All these products are designed by the best designers and manufacturers. They have been selected based on their quality and design.

The beauty of a diamond pendant 

Diamond pendants are always considered the best choice for women. The reason behind this is its elegance and simplicity. Diamonds are costly, so no woman would like to wear anything else except diamonds. The price of a diamond varies depending upon its size, cut and clarity. The smaller the stone, the cheaper it is. You can choose from silver, white, yellow, black, pink, blue, green, red and orange coloured diamonds. These colours are used because they match well with women’s skin tone.

You can choose this blue stone diamond pendant set with 14 diamonds in a circle shape. Each diamond is 0.78 carats and comes with a chain of 18 inches. This pendant looks stunning on every type of neckline. You can also get is pendant in a gold plated finish. If you want to make your sister feel special, this is the perfect gift for her.

Cute star studs with diamonds

Star studs are the latest trend among girls. Girls love wearing them on their ears. These earrings are 18k yellow gold with a tiny sparkling diamond on one side of a star. This pair of earrings are available in three types of gold which you can choose from. These earrings will look beautiful in every type of dressing style. You can also buy this pair in different sizes.

An earring is the best ever gift you can give to any girl, especially if it is made with gold and encrusted diamonds. Earrings are elegant yet simple. And they go perfectly with all kinds of dresses. If you want to surprise your sister, these earrings are perfect for her. She will surely appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

Simple non-piercing nose ring

Nose rings are becoming popular among young girls. It is easy to put on and take off as it does not require any piercing. You can buy this non-piercing nose ring in different metals and designs. We have a wide range of nose pins and nose rings online. So you can buy it easily without visiting any store.

This nose ring is made of yellow and is decorated with diamonds and gemstone. It has a unique design that makes it stand out from others. This nose ring is suitable for women of all ages. 


What is the difference between Raksha Bandhan & Bhai dooj?

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated when brothers and sisters meet. On this day, brothers give gifts to their sisters, and sisters tie a thread called ‘rakhi’ around their brother’s wrist, which shows every brother will protect and defend her sister from every situation in her life. That’s why it is known as Raksha, which means defence.

Bhai Dooj is a festival dedicated to brothers. Every sister in India puts a fast for their brother’s life, health, safety, etc. It is also known as Bhai Tika or Bhai Phonta, and Hindus celebrate it at the end of the five days of Diwali. On this day, every sister puts a teeka on their brother’s forehead, which is also called kumkum or Chandan teeka and breaks the fast.