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How to Perfectly Style Sarees with Nose Pins?

Sarees with Nose Pins

Are you looking for that sarees with nose pins? Tried shuffling through your wardrobe, but nothing is working for you. Well! Why not drape a saree in a unique style with a beautiful shimmer nose pin? Trust the trend. No modern outfit can match the elegance of a saree.

And when you drape this 6-yard clothing with the right piece of jewellery, it accentuates their beauty and makes several heads turn where they tread. No matter whether you choose to wear a kanjivaram, silk, benarasi, or chiffon saree, pairing it with jewellery is the best way to elevate the exquisiteness of the entire look. However, many of us are still not sure about styling Sarees with Nose Pins.

Every drape serves a different purpose and a different look. And this takes a fashion-forward – way forward to make an entirely new fashion statement. Let us delve a little deeper into how to wear a saree in different styles and pair it with a perfect nose pin!

Types of Different Style Saree With Different Nose Pins

Sarees and jewellery are a staple part of every Indian women’s wardrobe. All over India, sarees can be seen in many different styles, paired with different types of jewellery. And the gold and diamond nose pin or nose ring is one of the trending accessories worn along with sarees.

There are several types of nose pins available in the market. So, you can style your sarees with nose pins easily. But which types of Sarees with Nose Pins should you wear? Each one has its own charm and appeal. So let’s take a closer look at each type of saree and what kind of nose pins go well with them.

How to style a nauvari saree?

Marathi style saree, also known as Nauvari saree drape, is worn by Maharashtrian women at a wedding or other festival to pay respect to their Marathi culture. Nauvari sarees got their name because of their length of 9 yards. This dhoti-like saree draping styling can be done by choosing, either a silk or a cotton fabric in rich and colourful colours like pink, orange, green, bright yellow, and even gold.

Kholapuri silk saree is the most commonly worn saree in Marathi, and then there is royal silk, Banarasi silk along with Uppada silk saree. You may opt for the convenient version of the traditional Marathi saree known as the dhoti style saree. Some of you may also like Peshwani Marathi style saree, also known as Brahmini saree style.

– Marathi style nose pin

Sarees with Nose Pins

However, Marathi attire is incomplete without a Marathi nath. This unique piece of accessory steals the show. From minimal design to elaborate one, a Nath adds brownie points to Marathi attire. Usually, Marathi brides wear a special nath known as Karwari nath decked with either rubies or Basra Moti. You may not have to stick to a specific nathani style – the good news is that there are innumerable shapes of nathani, such as hoop, bone, twist, and L-shape, with attractive colours like green, white gold, red, and many more.

How to style a chiffon saree?

The fluid fall of chiffon sarees makes them unique. They are the epitome of elegance and style. And, when it comes to draping a chiffon fabric, you have indefinite choices to flaunt. A nice and broad belt, be it of leather or made of stones, make it look perfect with chiffon saree. However, there shouldn’t be any embellishments like sequins or embroidery on the saree. Even if there is a brocade border, it should be lighter than the entire weight of the saree.

You can explore varieties of pleating styles to enhance the look of a chiffon saree. However, do not make too many folds in the pleats, a single pleat is enough to make the look classy and elegant. Make sure to wear a princess–cut high blouse or a halter neck blouse, especially if you are going for a single pleat.

– A small classic diamond nose pin

Sarees with Nose Pins

But any style is a waste without the right accessories. When we are talking about nose pins, a small classic diamond nose stud can perfectly express your individuality and transform your look from simple to sauve. A simple nose pin studded with a sparkling diamond will elevate your ethnic attire. It does not matter what the age is, a smart-looking nose pin looks classy and enhances the beauty of a woman of all ages.

How to style a linen saree?

You do not have to block the dates to wear a linen saree. You can wear it anytime and anywhere in any style. The love for linen saree is no more limited to just a neat pleated style, but it has gone far beyond that. Wrapping your linen saree around your favourite pair of denim is the trendsetter – it’s easy, comfortable, functional, and it’s super stylish. It is what is required to give a bohemian artsy vibe.

A belt will keep the saree intact and saves the midriff from too much exposure. It is just the idea to create that perfect silhouette by highlighting your curves and giving your waist an hourglass shape.

– Beautiful gold nose ring

Sarees with Nose Pins

Linen deserves more versatility and stylish accessories. And one such piece of bling would be a bold and beautiful gold nose ring.

A nose hoop or a nose ring makes a woman look more attractive and desirable. And gold being the most valued and sought-after precious metal is the most eternally treasured possession. The nose ring you choose should carry that lustrous beauty, rarity, durability, and workability. Keep it simple yet charming with a gypsy neckpiece.

How to style a silk saree?

A little twist to your Mysore silk saree or any other silk saree can make you look stunning and feel confident. A sheer cape over a sleeveless blouse is what the style needs to break the monotony of a traditional drape. The cape can be of a net or mesh. The see-through fabric will give the blouse its due credit and keep the style interesting on the fashion front.

Adding a belt over a silk saree adds to all the sassiness that women need to create a bold style statement. A great alternative would be to use a kamar bandh (waist chain) if you want something more traditional. To add more grace to this look, pair it with a statement blouse. It will add a zing to your outfit and take the fashion world by storm.

– Bold diamond nose ring or nose pin

Sarees with Nose Pins

When we talk about pairing the right nose pin with a silk saree, a diamond nose pin or a nose ring would make the entire attire more dramatic. Nose pins are timeless and always in trend. The natural intense colour and the distinctive lustre of gold make your nose pin a unique and lasting beauty. You may opt for colourful gemstone nose pins with a flair to that part of the face every time you wear them. A fan-shaped nose ring can also be a part of your silk saree attire.

Other Types of Saree Draping Styles

Saree draping has become quite trendy these days. The style is very versatile and can be worn in several ways and with different jewellery. Which other ways of wearing sarees are there? Sarees are traditionally draped over the shoulder or across the chest. They are also often tied around the waist. There are various ways to wear sarees depending on where they are being worn. So, let’s discuss below some of the most famous saree draping with different nose pins designs.

The butterfly drape with round classic nose ring:

The butterfly style of draping a saree is a little twist to the regular style of wearing a saree. In this style, the pallu is made thin to make the naval and midriff visible. Fabrics like chiffon, net, or georgette are worn with a heavy embellished blouse. You can pair a round classic nose ring with a butterfly-drape saree.

The fishtail drape with diamond screw nose pin:

The fishtail style is considered dressy of all the saree styles. The snazzy twist given to this mermaid style can make a traditional drape look modern and classy. A bright-coloured blouse with a bright patterned design can add unparalleled charm to a mermaid-inspired Indo-western saree draping style.

The Bengali drape with white and red beaded nose ring:

Bengali style of draping a saree is quite popular. In this particular style, the pallu plays a significant role. The pallu should be extra-long and kept on the left shoulder once the basic tuck is complete. The best way to accentuate this style is by adding classic accessories like a bunch of keys, a big nose ring or nath, and a big red bindi.

Infinity drape with any diamond nose pin:

This style is widespread in the classic Gujarati drape. The idea is to create a cowl on one side of the saree. As you team your saree with a trendy well-designed blouse and pair it with some of the finest accessories, you can create a masterpiece from the six-yard of grace. It is sure to add glamour and make you look fabulous.