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Save These 10 Maharashtrian Nose Pin Jewellery In Your Shopping Wishlist

India is known for its rich culture and heritage types states and people living. The country has a long history dating back thousands of years. That’s why! this makes India a perfect place to shop for unique and beautiful jewellery.

The Indian jewellery industry size is around $7 billion because of Indian ritual and saving habits which one of the oldest in the world, with many traditional designs still being used today. Marathi style gold and diamond nose pin and jewellery are one of the most popular types of accessories that you can find in Indian tradition.

Maharashtrian women are very fond of wearing traditional Marathi nose pins with other marathi jewellery. They love to wear these pieces on special occasions like wedding events or festivals. And this makes marathi jewellery so special and trendy.

And so in this article, we have compiled a list of ten Maharashtrian nose pin jewellery and other Marathi jewellery that you must buy if you are planning on visiting Indian weddings or traditional Marathi occasions!

Here we have compiled a list of some of the best maharashtrian nose pin jewellery available online at reasonable prices. You will be able to choose from all these products in our collection of gold diamond Marathi nose pins.


Maharashtrian Nose Pin Jewellery TVISHA DIAMOND NOSEPIN

If you want something bold with a traditional touch, Tvisha diamond Maharashtrian nose pin is what you need. It comes in an elegant design and is made up of high-quality diamonds.

This nose pin is set in a gold base which gives it the perfect Marathi look. You can wear this diamond Marathi nose pin on your wedding day or even buy it as a gift for someone at their wedding.


Maharashtrian Nose Pin Jewellery ERAVATI DIAMOND SCREW NOSEPIN

This Eravati diamond screw nosepin is another excellent piece of traditional nose pin jewellery that you should consider buying. It features a stud screw Maharashtrian design with a gold screw setting in the back.

This is beautifully crafted and looks great when worn by any woman. If you are looking for a simple yet classy piece of jewellery for your next big event, this is definitely the right choice for you. This is one of the best lightweight Marathi nose pin designs that you can easily carry around with you.



The Gomti diamond nose ring is a classic piece of Marathi nose ring. It is made up of high-quality diamonds and is set in a round hoop design in gold. This nose ring is a timeless piece of jewellery that will never go out of style. The Gomti diamond nose ring is a great choice for every traditional outfit, you can wear it with a Marathi saree, or style it with indo-western.



Another fantastic piece of jewellery that you should not miss out on is the Jiya screw diamond nose pin. This is a stunning piece of maharashtrain nose pin jewellery that is sure to make heads turn wherever you go. It is made up entirely of high-quality diamonds that are set in a gold design. This is a truly gorgeous piece of jewellery that would be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. You can buy Marathi nose pins in 14-karat yellow gold and 18-karat yellow gold depending on your choice.



Mayuri diamond nose pin is another fabulous piece of Marathi jewellery that is worth considering when attending a Maharashtrian women’s festival such as the Mangala Gauri festival, Vat Purnima, Gudi padwa, etc. This is one of the traditional Marathi designs that features a colourful peacock motif. It has been designed using high-quality diamonds and comes in a beautiful colour. This is a very unique piece of jewellery that is sure to get noticed.



The Kusum diamond nose pin is a beautiful piece of traditional Marathi jewellery that you must own. It is made up of high-quality diamonds set in a golden design. This is a lovely piece of jewellery that can be worn during festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, etc.

This diamond Marathi nose pin features a screw set in the back to secure it on your nose. This is a truly amazing piece of jewellery that makes a statement without being too flashy. It is a truly spectacular piece of jewellery that makes a great gift for anyone who loves traditional Indian jewellery.



A relationship with peacocks and Maharashtrian nath jewellery is something that is deeply rooted in our culture. Sudevi peacock nose pin is an exquisite piece of jewellery that represents the beauty of nature. It is another exquisite piece of traditional jewellery design from Maharashtra.

It is a beautiful piece of jewellery that features a peacock motif. This is a truly magnificent piece of jewellery that adds an elegant touch to your look. It is a perfect piece of jewellery for special occasions like weddings, festivals, etc.



Nithika diamond nose pin is yet another excellent piece of traditional maharashtrian nose pin jewellery that you must have in your collection. It is a beautiful design that features a feather pattern and is perfect for non pierced nose. It is a truly remarkable piece of jewellery that brings elegance to any outfit.

This is a truly beautiful piece of jewellery and is a great choice for those looking for a traditional piece of nose ring for your next wedding event.



Drasthi diamond nose pin is yet a more fabulous piece of traditional Maharashtrian Nath nose ring that you can add to your collection. This diamond Marathi nath is a beautiful piece that will surely complement your colourful marathi saree.

You can match this diamond Marathi nose ring with other pieces of jewellery such as bugadi jewellery, Kaan jewellery, tode jewellery, etc, to create a complete look. This is a truly impressive piece of jewellery that will definitely draw attention to yourself.



A beautiful Brahmani plain gold Marathi nath is perfect for every traditional occasion. The nose pin is crafted out of pure gold and features a beautiful plain gold beads design. This piece of diamond jewellery is a wonderful addition to your collection of traditional Marathi jewellery. A true classic, this is a piece of jewellery that you should not miss out on.

How to Wear Maharashtrian Nath Without Piercing?

Other Accessories That Complete The Maharashtrian Jewellery Design Ideas

For boosting your traditional marathi outfit, you need to carry some other accessories along with your maharashtrian nose pin jewellery. There are many other Maharashtrian accessories that you can add to your marathi outfit look to make it even more unique and traditional. Here are some of them:

Lakshmi Haar

This is one of the most popular accessories among marathi women in India. It is a long gold necklace that features gold coin haram embossed motifs of goddess Lakshmi. It is usually worn by a bride during her wedding ceremony as it signifies that the bride brings home prosperity. And that’s why all Maharashtrian brides are gifted with Lakshmi haar which is mostly associated with the wealth and prosperity of the family.

Bakuli Haar

Representing another popular necklace among Maharashtrian women “Bakuli haar”. This necklace features two to three strings made with small flowers which shows the new love of blossom is coming. They are used to enhance the beauty of the tradition and give a feminine appeal to the wearer.

Ambada Phool

When it comes to marathi women’s outfits gajra and Ambada Phool are necessary! Gajra is a flower garland worn on a bun or braid and made with a variety of flowers like jasmine, rose, mogra, etc.

And Ambada phool goes perfectly with gajra, which is also worn on a bun. It is a crescent-shaped pin used on bridal buns in Maharashtrian culture. It gives a tiny crown look to the hair and makes a bride feel like a queen.

Kudya Earrings

These earrings are very common among Maharashtrians. The kudya earrings are studded with pearls or diamonds and are often worn by all Maharashtrian women. Kudya earrings also known as kudi and are available in different designs and diamonds.

Hirva Chooda

When you are wearing a marathi saree, without a green hirva chooda the outfit is incomplete. Hirva chooda is a type of green colour glass bangle which represents new life or birth and it is very famous among Maharashtrian women and brides.

They are mostly mixed with golden bangles which make a perfect match. So, when you are planning to buy a marathi saree for yourself, do not forget to get a matching pair of hirva choodas.

Pricing Of Maharashtrian Nose Pin Jewellery

Gold or diamond jewellery available over perrian is completely use budget friendly women or men can buy nose pin under rs 5000 of course there are Maharashtrian style nose pin available to diamond ganesha pendant that is maharashtrian people most prefered to wear.


So, these were our top ten favourite pieces of maharashtrian nose pin jewellery and other jewellery from a Maharashtrian culture that you must have in your collection when attending a Maharashtrian function. If you want to know more about the history of Indian jewellery, then check out our other article.