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Tips And Ways Of Packing Your Jewellery While Travelling

Tips and Ways of Packing Your Jewellery While Travelling

Jewellery is something we cannot do without. We wear it every day, and it becomes an inseparable part of us. But what happens when we travel? Do we still wear jewellery? Of course, we do! It’s just that the way we pack our jewellery while travelling may not be as safe or secure as packing them at home. You have to choose a good quality bag for your jewellery. If you have expensive pieces, choose one with sturdy handles so that they won’t get damaged during transportation. Avoid using plastic bags as these can easily break open and expose your valuables. Learn more about packing your jewellery for travelling with this article.

Here are some tips on how to pack your jewellery while travelling:

How To Pack Jewellery?

A nightmare! The term pops up in your brain when you have to pack your jewellery. Jewellery has multiple pieces which are pretty minuscule and tend to wander off, which leads to the entire piece being worthless. It also involves long chains that perpetually seem to get knotted. Therefore, travelling with jewellery is not always easy, however, with a wee bit of extra effort and by following these tips you shall be fine.

It would help if you adapted to the following methods to pack your jewellery:

Necklaces Packing

Tips And Ways of Packing Your Jewellery While Travelling | packing your  diamond necklace
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Necklaces usually give you a hard time when you decide to take them along while travelling. Necklaces usually tangle and wrestle among themselves. It is advised to take only two necklaces with you while travelling. One should be a fancier one, and the other should be the one you wear daily. The fancier one should be packed, and the other one has to be worn. There are three ways in which you can pack your necklace.


Take a straw, loop one end of the necklace through it, and fasten the clasp. It is only possible if you have a straw with you. A problem you might face is that it will take up a lot of your room, but in the end, the necklace will be tangle-free.

Small plastic bag

Another trick is to take a small plastic bag, drape the necklace’s clasp out, and then seal the bag with a small part of the chain outside. This method works best for those who don’t like carrying around their necklaces. However, this method requires a little time.

Sewn pouch

If you don’t want to use any kind of material, you can make a pouch from a piece of cloth. Take a piece of cloth and fold it into four equal parts. Then sew together all the edges of the folded cloth. Now, place the necklace’s clasp inside the pouch and close it. You can now carry the pouch along with you.

Rings Packing

Tips And Ways of Packing Your Jewellery While Travelling | Ring organizer
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Rings are another thing that causes trouble while packing. They are tiny and expensive. If you are travelling with your diamond rings, you will want to keep them organised in a jewellery roll or organiser. Try to tuck the rings into one of the silk jewellery bags or use a small box.

Small ring box organiser 

This idea is perfect when you only have to take two to three rings. All you need to do is to put the rings in a box and put it in your travel bag. Make sure that the box is big enough to hold all your rings. You can put your diamond ring, engagement ring in it freely while travelling.

Fabric bag

One of the best things you can do is buy a small fabric bag. These bags are very durable and safe. You can make your own or buy it online. Just ensure that it is strong enough to withstand rough handling. This idea is best when you are on a trip with your husband or friends. You can also add your other jewellery to the fabric bag.

Bracelets Packing

Tips And Ways Of Packing Your Jewellery | bracelets packing
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When it comes to bracelets, you can either go for around layer-wise bracelet container. Or you can opt for a single bracelet holder. However, you must ensure that the bracelet holder does not come apart when you open it. Here are some other tips that you can use to pack your bracelets for travel. 

plastic box

Use a plastic box to store your bracelets. Put the bracelets on a roll of paper or fabric. Place the box at the bottom of your suitcase. When you reach home, remove the box and unroll the bracelets to their original form. You can safely take your bracelets with you.

Earrings Packing

Earrings are probably the most difficult items to pack. Earrings are delicate, and they fall quickly and come in pairs. So, it would be best to be careful about how you pack them. It is advisable to keep earrings in a separate compartment in your luggage. Also, you can try putting them in an airtight case.


Take a few spare shirt buttons and insert the earring through the buttonhole. Use one pair of earrings for one button. Bring together all the button earring pairs and enclose them in a jewellery pouch. This way, the earring pair will always remain together. However, there is a risk of the buttons getting lost because of their minuscule size.


Take cardboard from a plastic bag or a very stiff shoebox and punch holes in it (in pairs) with a pen. Now, insert earrings into the holes and slide the cardboard into a quart plastic bag to keep them from wandering off. It is almost the perfect way to carry your earrings while travelling because you can see all your earrings at one glance.

The Best Hack For All Your Jewellery

Now that we have covered the different ways of packing your jewellery let us look at the best hack for all your jewellery. The best hack is to get jewellery boxes that contain all your jewellery safely. So, here are some tips for organising your all jewellery together for your safe travel.

Jewellery organiser

A jewellery organiser is a great way to organise your jewellery while travelling. Not only does it help you to keep track of your jewellery but also it makes it easy to find them in a hurry. There are many types of boxes available on the market today. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Double layer box
  • Single-layer box
  • Folded jewellery organisation


The best and most efficient way is to put all your jewellery in a pill case. Putting them inside a pillbox will keep them very safe, separate and tangle-free. You can easily take this pillbox with you while travelling everywhere. It is also a great way to take care of your jewellery while travelling.

Your options (conventional methods):

  • A pill case
  • A pouch used to put jewellery
  • Plastic bags & quart plastic bag

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How to Pack Jewelry for a Trip?

You should take jewellery matching your dressing style on your trip with friends or family. You can use a jewellery organiser or just place each piece in its own box. If you’re travelling alone, you may want to consider bringing along a small pouch or even a small pillowcase to hold your pieces.

How Do I Keep My Jewelry Safe While Traveling?

Keep your jewellery in a zippered pouch, such as a handbag, backpack, or suitcase zipper pocket. A zip-top bag works well if you don’t mind having a little extra bulk.

Can I Wear My Wedding Ring On Vacation?

Yes! Just make sure that you wear something underneath your ring so that it doesn’t scratch anything. Also, be careful when showering or swimming; it can damage your stones or cause them to fall out.