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Spiritual Pendant Designs

Centuries ago individuals of all genders used to adorn themselves with pendants to keep the evil away from them. The people in Egypt and Middle East used to refer to them as amulets and it was known as Ofuda in the Japanese culture. In Hindustan they used to call this as ‘Nazar’ which is removed by the amulets. Wearing it also meant looking for good fortune and luck. These days it is more than just repellent of evil it is worn to make a fashion statement.

Ever felt like taking a pause from choosing the conventional heart shaped, flower shaped or alphabet shaped diamond pendants? Well, Perrian has come up with a totally unconventional and different catalogue of pendant designs called the spiritual pendants. These pieces of fine jewelry represent varied forms of deity in the form of ornaments.

Embrace the Deity in You

Wearing a spiritual pendant like the Revered Cross or the Holy Om pendant can really be refreshing and energizing because of the good omen it brings with it.The designers at have designed all these pendants with an essence of culture and faith in it.

Fine Jewelry Customization

Our exciting new customization feature has been designed to improve our customers’ shopping experience and convenience. We allow you to select the color of gold in which the jewelry is made. There are three colors in total that you can select from, namely Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. You can also choose the purity of gold out of the following- 10k, 14k, 18k.

Along with this you can select one of the four different variations with respect to the clarity and color of diamond. It is available in the following manner IJ-SI, GH-SI, GH-VS and VVS-EF.

Be Spoilt for Choice

Having recently updated our website with some fresh collections we urge you to go through the catalogue as it has some unique jewelry designs. Not just that you should also try our baby pendants section if you are looking to buy something cute for your child