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Alphabet Pendants Designs

Looking for a personalised form of neck piece jewellery? If yes then how about pendants with your initials being the answer to it? Not only does it look glamourous but also it also makes up for a great personlised form of dressing oneself with. The various form of pendants like the amulets, lockets, medallions etc. never seem to go out of vogue.

Did you Know?

Fun Fact, the word (pendant) that we use almost every time while talking about jewellery comes from a French word which is known as ‘pendre’ and it literally translates to ‘to hang down’. Another fact about this form of ornament is that it is one of the oldest forms of adornments in the history of human kind.

Benefits of Alphabet Pendants

Because this form of pendants are simply initials you do not have to worry about whether someone will like it or not. Alphabet Pendants studded with diamonds will work as a gift that is both personlised and elegant. All you need to decide is what colour of gold do you want your pendant to be in i.e. yellow gold, rose gold or white gold, the rest is easy because there is not any other type of brain storming required while you are looking to gift an alphabet pendant.

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