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kids bracelet

kids bracelet

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Kids Bracelet

That you can give your children a gift, try a Kids Bracelet from perrian Jewelry! Our bracelets are made to fit both girls and boys. Kids' loose bracelets make the perfect gift for a baby's first birthday. The bracelets come in a variety of colours and styles so you will be sure to find one that you love. Over a perrian, there are a wide collection of gold bracelet and nazariya designs available.

The bracelets are made of beautiful and durable materials like pure gold. You can personalize your bracelet with any names or initials to make it more special for them. Our bracelets are made in all sizes to fit any age of children, so you can get one that will suit your child. 

Nazariya Gold Bracelet

Baby nazariya gold bracelet worn by newborn baby kids, there is a bracelet with black beads and a small gold charm. In some cultures, the black beads in the bracelets are used for protection against illness and to ward off evil spirits. 

Newborn babies should wear these bracelets. The baby nazariya charm pendant is made from gold, which symbolizes hope and prosperity. The baby nazariya bracelet is a popular jewellery item for all newborn babies. Offered as a charm bracelet, the baby nazariya gold bracelet is designed to fit almost any size baby's wrist. 

Kids Gold Bracelets For Girls

Girls bracelets are made in different sizes and designs so your girl can choose the one that will fit her best. There are many styles to choose from, pretty stitch bracelets, crystal flower bracelets, and more. 

The girl's bracelets come in different colours of diamonds including black, blue, pink and white to match any outfit. This bracelet is best for girls in the age group of 5-13 years. The kid's bracelets made at perrian are handmade to ensure that you get the best quality jewellery. 

They are very lightweight, so your kid will feel like nothing on your wrist.

Kids Bracelets For Boys

The kid's bracelets for boys will make a great gift for your baby boy. The boys' jewellery comes in many different styles. You can choose from animal bracelets, superhero bracelets, ninja bracelets, star wars bracelets, sports bracelets, etc. 

And you will find that there are many different styles of kids jewellery for them to choose from. You can choose from lots of different colours, textures and styles to suit your little boy's individual tastes.

Kids Bracelets With Names

If you are looking for a bracelet for your little kid or if you are thinking about buying one for an upcoming birthday, then you should start with your child's name. If you want a cheap bracelet then try to buy a bracelet with the letter name.

Kids bracelets with names are very popular and this is because they can be bought at a very affordable price and it is possible for all people who want a bracelet with their name to have one.

Custom Baby Bracelet With Name

It is possible to design the bracelet with the name you want. This means it will be possible for you to choose the letters, material, colour, diamond, and size of the bracelet.

Custom baby name bracelets are very popular because every person who sees them can always say that your child name is very special to you. The custom kids bracelets can be very special to your child.

A kid's bracelet with a name is a new type of jewellery that is very popular these days. You can buy one for your young children that will make them look very special and fashionable at the same time.

Gold Bracelet for Baby Boy Price in India

Indian parents passive, caring and wants their newly born baby give all heart warm it. With a special bracelet as a means of protection against the perceived negative effects of the "evil eye." or "nazariya bracelet"

This bracelet is typically adorned with black and golden beads and is considered to be a highly symbolic item of jewelry.

It is interesting to note that the price range of baby boy bracelets over perrian can vary widely, with some starting as low as Rs 13,000 and others costing upwards of Rs 25,000. 

The variation in cost is often attributed to the type and quality of materials used in the bracelet's construction, as well as the degree of intricacy and detail in its design.

Some individuals opt to further enhance the beauty and value of their baby boy bracelets by having them engraved with diamonds or other precious stones, while others prefer the simplicity of a plain gold bracelet.

Despite the wide variation in cost and design, the symbolic value of the baby boy bracelet remains constant, with many individuals considering it to be a cherished and irreplaceable item of jewelry that serves to protect and preserve the well-being of their beloved child.