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Try Out Different Collections of Fine Jewelry

From gemstones to diamonds, from pearls to black colored diamonds this section is a unique blend of jewelry made out of colored precious stones incorporated with gold and diamonds. The mystic collection is a perfect example of two different types of stones i.e. gemstones and diamonds perfectly studded in gold.

The Prudence Pendant made with diamonds and emeralds in our starlet section is a must have if you are looking for a pendant.

If you want to go completely offbeat and unconventional then try our trogal ring which is a part of the black jewelry section and is made from black colored precious stones.

Jewelry customization Guidelines

Our newly added customization feature allows you to select your jewelry in 36 different ways. We will take you through a step by step process on how to customize your design.

First up you have to click the customize this product button which will enable you to choose from 9 different gold variations. There are three varieties of color you can select from viz. yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Along with this you have to choose the purity of gold which is also available in three different types- 10k, 14k & 18k.

Now you can select from any one of the four variations of diamond available with respect to the clarity and color of the diamond. The four choices are:

  • IJ – SI

  • GH – SI

  • GH – VS

  • VVS – EF

State of the Art Jewelry products

When it comes to designs that are in vogue, Perrian is simply unbeatable. Our expert designers in USA have ensured that all the trending ornaments are made available in the wide range of catalogues that we have on our website. We recommend you to try our cocktail jewelry section and the symbol of love pendants section which have been recently updated with some sublime designs.