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Daily wear Mangalsutra Collection

It is indeed true that a mangalsutra is more than just a piece of thread made out of precious stones and metal. A mangalsutra is a testament to the promise made by a man to his woman of commitment and eternal love. Out of all the jewellery a woman adorns herself with, a mangalsutra is the most important of all.

You might not know it as mangasutra if you are from Kerala or Tamil Nadu where it is known as Thaali and Managalysutra. A Maharashtrian might refer to it as Mangal Sutra and if you speak Telugu then you might refer to it as Maangalyamu or Pustelu.

Designs to Choose from For Everyday Wear

A design of mangalsutra worn on the day of wedding can be different in different regions. Some simply adorn themselves with a thread like necklace made of gold while some wear a neck piece that has black beads with diamonds and gold as the pendant.

However, the newly wedded bride now a days prefer to wear a mangalsutra that matches with her daily wear attire and is western in style. Hence, Perrian.in has come up with a catalogue of trending mangalsutra designs suitable for everyday wear.

The Rati and the Gemini Mangalsutra are one of its kind designs and a piece of beautiful Bengali craftsmanship.

Must Have Diamond Jewellery

Even though every piece of diamond jewellery at Perrian is a must have our designer team has churned out some of the most trending designs to check out for you. We recommend you to visit the starlet collection and the Earrings collection.

We would also like you to know that all our jewellery is customisable and is available in three different different gold colours viz. yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Also, customisable is the purity of gold (10k, 14k and 18k) and colour and clarity of diamond